Friday!!!! Faces of Philly:)

Hallelujah! Yippie Skippie! Can you tell I'm a little excited for the weekend?! haha. It's been a great week... I've met some remarkable, incredibly inspiring people this week.

Hanging out in Swarthmore

Thank you to the guys at Club Monaco for letting an over-hydrated reporter use the bathroom=)

The cutest little girl in Center City! She was so sweet!!!


Organizing My Closet

So some of you are going to think I'm completely crazy for doing this... but I did most of it already so enough with the judging! haha. I have small closets. It's pretty impossible to know what I even own because I can't see in there. I need some help... and I found the most amazing, perfect app to do it.

Hello Stylebook! It's like $3 and you can put it on your iPhone or iPad.

So here is how it works... you take pictures of all your clothes... put them on a solid background and the app will even cut them out all cool and professional looking. You catalog your clothes as you input them... and you get to determine the different categories... you can input color and wash information. All kinds of stuff that is super helpful in the search tool for matching things up=)

And then you create looks! like seriously. I'm not really great with clothes... I try (sometimes) but I'm pretty stuck in my ways. I spend a lot of time texting my gal pal Kimberly... or my sister. So another cool part of this app is that it allows you to "wifi connect" with others and they can help you pick stuff out. Makes me feel way cooler than I am.

And then you create your outfits... and they are there in your phone to have for lazy days when you don't wanna think. So... when you wake up... you can just look in your phone and figure out what you want to wear without having to get up. The extra 30 minutes in bed are awesome.

It gets better... There is a calendar for you to keep track of all the times you wear stuff... that way... you don't end up wearing the same outfit every week without realizing it. I'm totally guilty of this. I have my favorites... we all do. Don't act like you don't wear the same sweater a million times during the winter because it's that awesome and goes with everything and looks good. It happens. This calender helps.

Bonus territory... Packing help. So all your stuff is in the app... you have your looks, create your looks as you go... and then you pick your looks and put them in your virtual suitcase to help with packing.

Every item of your outfit goes into a packing list... and you can search "looks" based on certain pieces like shoes so you can make the most of your suitcase. So super helpful if you're jet setting around a lot.

Okay... so it's a fair amount of work to input all your clothes... I'm not totally done yet. I've done most of my work clothes because that's where I really lose a lot of time on a regular basis. I tried out about 5 of these apps... some free some not. This was my favorite because it was most customizable... and easy to use. It is easily made into an app that works for your needs and your closet.

check it out... or don't. Either way... I think it's pretty darn nifty that I can look thru my closet on my phone. I mean I do everything else on my phone, right... so why not?!


Hanging With Preston & Steve of 93.3 WMMR

So I got up early this morning... went across the way from our 6abc studios to the 93.3 WMMR studio to hang out with the one and only Preston and Steve. I was so excited to visit!
Marisa, Nick, Preston, Mike (my chaperon), me, Steve, Kathy and Casey

These guys were super nice. I have to say... I'm so impressed with the fact that they can go from talking about strippers and making hilarious jokes to talking about political and world events in an incredibly intelligent way.

I just got back to my desk and holy smokes...  I've already got tons of twitter messages from the fans of their show.

If you're not already a fan... which you probably are... check out their ... or Twitter: @PrestonSteve933.

Thanks for having me on!!!


Faces of Philly

Another week...another round of fabulous people. Here are some of the people I met this week... a few I forgot to post from before. Eeek! Bad blogger...

The super amazing staff at Cosi on St. Joe's campus... thanks for letting me use your bathroom=)

A little basketball watching... it is Final Four weekend!

in Willow Grove

Everyone wants to hold the Action News microphone! Hanging in Center City
More Center City fun=)
Rolling thru West Philly.

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