Easter Traditions =)

I love all things holidays. I'm a sucker for traditions... I like having them... I like making up traditions to do every year. There is something warm and fuzzy about it... I can't help myself. sooo... Easter is no different.

What does your family do? What's your favorite Easter tradition? I've dyed Easter eggs for as long as I can remember... and somehow I find a way to do it on my own now. Like every year. haha.
My family always goes to Easter sunrise service... then regular church... and then we have a big post church lunch. We almost always have a ham and lots of side dishes. Needless to say... I'm cooking tomorrow=) and I love it.

Philadelphia Traditions
Today I got to go around checking out some of the spots people hit up for Easter treats. For many of the families we talked to... having these foods are a must for the holidays.

Each neighborhood has their places... families drive back to the old spots for a chance to relive those tastes with their kids. Let me tell ya... having to walk into these places is a job hazard... no chance I was walking out without treats... and they ALL are delicious. AMAZING. Addicting.

Calories don't count on holidays right?

Termini Brothers - South Philadelphia
The Italians know what they're doing with treats... no question. This family owned spot makes all the favorites. I had a cannoli... of course. I love them. I think I could just eat the cannoli filling right out of the bag... guessing my mom wouldn't think that was very lady-like. eeek!

The big sellers: pies, Easter bread and cannoli's.

Yes... there was live music. So awesome.
Termini Bros made almost 5,000!!! loaves of Easter bread. Nuts.
Any excuse for a cannoli... haha! love it.
Cosmi's - South Philadelphia
Another fabulous family-owned Italian pastry spot. George the owner hasn't been sleeping so he could get all these Easter treats ready for you guys! He says it's busy, but that's good. I had a danish here... sooo good. Told myself I was only going to eat half... that didn't happen. I couldn't stop. haha.

Big sellers: ricotta pie and Easter bread.

Yes... every single cake is hand decorated. Exhausting to watch.

Marchiano's - Manayunk
Don't be surprised to meet one of the Marchiano clan when you go in here. Kathy is the mom/wife and she is in charge... but the whole family pitches in. It was my first non-sweets stop of the day... unfortunately for my latest healthy eating attempt it was around lunch time and the amazing smells were just too much for me to resist.

Big sellers: Easter bread, tomato pie or any one of their 13 amazing specialty breads (I had spinach and cheese... soooo good. It won "Best of Philly"... I can totaly see why. I ate the whole thing. Don't judge.) 

The secret to the amazing specialty breads: Want a little dough with your pepperoni?
finished product... smells sooo good


March Madness!!!

I love college sports. Like love. Growing up in South Carolina I had no choice but to learn my X's and O's. SEC football is a lifestyle. Haha.

Basketball caught my attention when I was getting ready to go to the University of Florida... One of the few SEC schools with both a football and basketball program. I won my bracket that year in my high school calculus class and have been hooked ever since. After 3 years in Indiana... Where basketball is an obsession... I know more than I ever dreamed I would about this sport.

So here is my bracket. Judge me if you will... I've already had a few busts... But I love this time of year! Let the fun begin:)


And the Oscar Goes To...

While all the ladies and gents in Hollywood were getting gussied up for the Oscars... we were too here on the east coast.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley hosts an official Oscar party every year to raise money for their charity. This year all the money raised will go to the complete renovation of the kitchen at Aletha Wright men's shelter. It was built to accomodate 700 meals per day, but the need there is so much greater... with about 2500 meals needed per day in Camden. 

The charity does so much to help veterans and families in need in our area... what a better way to spend Oscar Sunday than in a fancy dress raising money for an amazing cause?!

Brian Taff and I interviewed everyone walking in... there was a total red carpet experience with the "paparazi" stationed on the way in.  There were several people who walked it twice, just because it was that awesome! Loved it.

The auction items were unreal. They had several guitars autographed by legends in the music business, amazing package trips, sports memorabilia as well as wine/food tastings. If you couldn't come for the fun this year you can still help out!!! For more information about Volunteers of America Delaware Valley check out their

The guitar I wanted most... signed by "The Boss" himself, Bruce Springsteen.

Brian Westbrook was the special guest. He was super gracious.
These ladies were AWESOME!!! Great red carpet interviews:)
Hanging out with fake Joan Rivers... she was sooo good.
Fake Cher performing on stage... this was my favorite of all the outfits.
Rebecca with VOADV and local designer Karlanne of Fresh by Karlanne
Joel Gibbs, the emcee for the night and "Joan Rivers."
Temple OwlCappello
Brian Taff and his fabulous wife, Mara.

Faces of Philly

It's been a crazy week... but we met lots of people along the way!!! Thanks to everyone for an eventful... and FUN week!

Atlantic City ambassador=) even in a storm!!!

The students at North Penn High School were super awesome!

People are always rolling up to us in that Action News van to say hi.

This guy ran over to us as we were driving in West Philly!!! Totally made our night.

Hanging out in Center City about to go live... these guys stopped to say hi.

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