Faces of Philly

It's Friday!!! Whoop whoop! Check out some of the people we met this week.

We've survived another cold week... Here is to be one step closer to warmer weather:) Can ya tell I'm ready for spring!!!


Confessions of a News Reporter

I decided it was only appropriate to move the confessions to Sunday. haha. I have a funny sense of humor.

So here goes... I confess:
  •  I'm addicted to latte art. I have become one of those people who gets a coffee every morning now (and a gluten free lemon square) just so I can see what they draw in my drink. Something about it makes me giggle in the mornings.
  • I tried to spray paint a stool in my apartment this week. Yes... INSIDE. Was almost a disaster... thankfully I realized it pretty quickly and stopped (so my landlord doesn't need to panic... I didn't ruin my place). I had no idea that spray paint was so tricky... now I've got to figure out where I'm going to do this project that is safe. Grrr. Clearly I'm not that crafty. I need to stop looking on Pinterest.
  • I've gotten impatient with my furniture shopping. I decided to just buy an IKEA dresser to get my TV off the ground (and I desperately need the storage... too many clothes=/). Holy smokes! The thing is harder than organic chemistry to figure out! I had to call in reinforcements to help me... 
  • I bought two bags of Dove chocolates... and I can't remember where I put them. I was planning to take them to work with me so I'd have post-work treats. #fail
  • I wrote this confession on Saturday... thinking it was Sunday. Clearly, I'm confused. Let's not rush the weekend... haha.
 Enjoy what's left of the weekend! Here's to another fabulous week ahead=)


Faces of Philly!!!

It's been an awesome week! The weather today is AMAZING... so definitely going to try to enjoy it, but wanted to make sure to say a big THANKS to all the people we met along the way this week... and thanks to all those who helped make sure we brought the full story to the people of the Delaware Valley! You guys were awesome this week!!!

Spent a few days in Bensalem... met this guy on day 2!
The excited kids at Tacomy Academy right after they got out of school early Thursday.
When the Action News van shows up... people always want to know what's going on. This day... we just needed a street with mailboxes on it... yes... mailboxes. They are harder to find than you would think...
I met another Vitarelli!!! Alicia's long lost uncle... Detective Sgt Joseph Vitarelli at Cherry Hill PD.


Dreams Come True... Record Is Out!

Remember that little girl I did the story on a few weeks go who was fighting a brain tumor and wanted to meet Taylor Swift... Amy?!

She's battling brain tumor and wrote a super cute song about her experience at Ronald McDonald camp.

Rotation Records in Norristown, PA heard about her story... saw her song and gave her a "real" record deal! She recorded the song while we were there... and now it's all produced up and ready for you guys to hear it!!!All the money goes to help Amy's family pay for her medical bills.

As you may remember... she had surgery last week... on Wednesday. She is doing really well... her mom posted on Facebook today that she is already back at school!!!

Love ya Amy! Hope your recovery goes super fast!!!


Friday!!! Faces of Philly:)

It's Friday!!! whoop whoop=) Which means it's time for a little faces of Philly. Check out all the people who stopped us this week. "There goes that Action News van!" =)

Hanging out with the boys in Fairless Hills, PA.
Someone has the gigles. Fairless Hills, PA.
Take 2! Fairless Hills, PA.
Kensington neighborhood.
Kensington neighborhood.
Kensington neighborhood.

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