Operation 6abc Save a Life

Today I had the privilege of being a part of the Operation 6abc Save a Life today. It's the station's 21st year teaming up with local fire companies to make sure they have smoke alarms to give to people who need them. Seems like a small thing, but smoke alarms play a huge role in saving lives and getting people to safety if the unthinkable happens at your home.

So... if you need one!!! We got ya=) A firefighter will even come to your house and put it in for ya... isn't that awesome! Just go to and download the app there. It has all kinds of fire safety tips... help for making your escape plan... and a place where you can schedule to have a firefighter come put in your smoke alarm. The alarms last for 10 years... so you won't have to think about it again for a long time. Gotta love that!

All the amazing sponsors!!! From left to right: Paul Muller, Sr  (Toyota),
6abc's Karen Rogers and President/GM Bernie Prazenica,
Heather Caldwell (Kidde) and Vinny Scalese (The Home Depot)

Thanks to everyone who made today possible. It's amazing to see people so generous. Deputy Chief Sawyer of the Philadelphia Fire Department told us today the number of fatalities from fires in the tri-state area has gone down... and they think these smoke alarms are a big part of that trend.

A BIG shout out to all the amazing firefighters out there!!! Thank goodness someone runs in to help those in need...
when everyone else runs out. It's truly amazing.

Check out this amazing present from the firefighters to 6abc.

Some of the AMAZING 6abc staff that made today possible with a few firefighters.


Friday! Faces of Philly

Its been a busy week! Here are a few of the people we met out on stories along the way...


Fighting Hard, Dreaming Big: An 11-year-old's Battle with a Brain Tumor

Some stories and people just touch your heart and Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting a really amazing little girl.

Amy Hosmer is one of those little girls you just have to notice. She has a big personality... made us laugh soooo much... and she has big dreams... she wants to be like Taylor Swift.  This little girl from Kingston, PA is battling a brain tumor... and to talk to her you'd never know it. Her bubbly personality just radiates.

Amy was diagnosed when she was 2 years old and she told me that what she's had to go through hasn't been easy. She told me jokingly that even though she's had countless MRIs... she has no clue what MRI actually stands for.

The one place Amy says she's found comfort is at the Ronald McDonald camp. There she gets to be with other kids who are dealing with all the same things she has had to face... and it's the one place she doesn't have to explain about her tumor. So... she wrote a song about it.

Wednesday Amy got to record her song... just like the superstars do. Rotation Records in Norristown, PA heard about her story... saw her song and gave her a "real" record deal!

Amy behind the mic!!!

Doing her thing=)

The album art for her song. The green monster is Stanley... the nickname for her tumor. He is being evicted next week.
Taylor Swift didn't make it to see Amy record her song... but she did send some gifts... and Amy LOVED loved LOVED it. She's still hoping to meet her idol. She even set up a to encourage the star to make time for her;)

Next week Amy has to have surgery again. We're told it's a risky, tricky surgery... and despite all that... this little girl's courage is incredible. She tells me she is holding onto her faith... and plans to "just keep swimming!" (finding Nemo=) We will all definitely have her in our thoughts and prayers. We can't wait to hear your song!!!

Amy and me doing a hand heart... just like Taylor does=)


Friday: Faces of Philly

So I'm starting a new weekly tradition on this little blog. We get approached a lot on stories by people who want us to interview them, but it's not always possible for us to put everyone on TV.

I started thinking... And decided I'd take pictures of all the people who run up to me and ask... All the people who say "look at that Action News van!" And showcase our community every Friday on this blog! Hope ya enjoy... And def come say hi if ya see me on your street! I will take your picture too:)

Fresh after getting out of school in Kensington.

Cute!!! puppy in Kensington.

Family portrait in Camden.

Hello YOU! Meeting 6abc viewers at the Auto Show=)

After my late night adventure Friday, I woke up early Saturday to hang out with the fabulous Action News viewers.  The station had a table at the Philly Auto Show for different on-air staff to meet and greet with the wonderful people who make us all that we are. You guys were awesome!!!

The one and only... David Murphy with some 6abc viewers. He has to be the BIGGEST Phillies fan EVER!!!
Check out how LONG the line was for David!!!
Chatting. Shocking... I know. haha!
Getting to meet the early Saturday morning crowd was SUPER DUPER fun=) Thanks guys!!!

Fancy, Fancy! Philly Auto Show Black Tie Tailgate!!!

This weekend I got to attend my first black tie event in Philly! The annual auto show is in town... and the 6abc crew was out in full force. I was a picture-taking fool... as normal! haha.
Philly Mayor's Chief of Staff/Deputy Mayor for Public Safety, Everett Gillison and his fabulous wife, Elaine.
Annie McCormick and Kenneth Moton
Walter Perez and his fabulous wife=)
Right after getting caught by the 6abc camera for FYI Philly.
College buddies... now co-workers! Kenneth Moton and me.
Loved this guy's top hat!!! Tony D'Antonio and his girlfriend, Stephanie Glancey.
Even the 6abc news van was at the auto show!!!
so... I tried to take video of the Jeep course. They were so amazing and gave me a quick ride! BUT I didn't know how to use my new camera... and I pushed the wrong button. whomp... whomp. I will tell ya... it's FUN!!! Do it!!!
The Jeep Rubicon I got to ride in for the course.
Steve Lorton... thanks for taking me on the Jeep ride!!!
Garry working the bar.
My favorite part of the show... the old cars!!!
Check out all the cars.
Late night party/deserts downstairs.
Dancing shoes and live music! What more can ya ask for?!
Clearly... everyone had fun!

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