Proof I AM a big BIG clutz.

yes... this happened. I am from time to time required to walk and read/talk. Seems easy eh? You try to do it in 5 inch heels and see what happens. Today... I ran into a box. Why was there a box? Because the shorter people at work need them to be tall enough on the set. I'm not one of those short people... so I didn't think to look out for that box. yep. It got me.

So here is a tip Ya gotta listen real careful to hear me run into the set. Then I giggle. Then Ray calls me out.

All I can say is thank goodness it wasn't an "on camera" shot. I tell people I'm clumsy... here is proof. No. I wasn't drinking. I just can't always walk real well... *sigh*


Glamour Gals!!!

I spent my Saturday hanging out at Robins Run Senior Living...yes, I know I'm not a senior  yet. haha! I was hanging out with the ladies... getting a real education. =) Seriously, I was there as part of Glamour Gals... this really cool program that teams up students and seniors. It's always fun.
Basically what we do is nails and facials/makeup for the senior ladies, but the program has to do with sooo much more than just looking cute.

These ladies are awesome... and the students crack me up too. I heard the executive director Julia explain why this program is so important the other day... she said, what if your grandma was stuck at a home all by herself and noone could come see her... wouldn't you want someone to visit her?! It's so true.

The experience is neat because these ladies have some amazing life experiences. They too were young teens and 20 somethings once.. and they have the stories to prove it! Bottomline... CALL YOUR GRANDMA!!! She probably misses you... and they love hearing from us no matter how old or young we are. Do it!!!

If you want more information about getting involved in Glamour Gals check out their
Part of the group of students and Robins Run's residents hanging out=)
Hanging out with Julia, the executive director of Indy's Glamour Gals

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