Confessions!!!! It's FRIDAY!

It's that time of week to share all the things I did or didn't do this week. Some embarassing... some not so much... all truthful. And for fun... my fav newsroom cohorts have contributed again this week! Enjoy... and here is to the weekend!!!! 

  • I accidentally overloaded on zinc vitamins. Apparently you need to eat food when you take them. Total fail. I made myself sick. I know better... whomp whomp.
  • My  nails are blue... have been for two days because I wanted to remember to be festive for Blue Friday (Go Colts!). Minor problemo... this is a bye week. No football this weekend for the Horseshoes.
  • I have a gym membership that I keep telling myself that I'm going to use. Didn't happen again this week... maybe I will go tonight and tomorrow. Cramming in my fitness as usual.
  • I want my own theme song... I've been scouring the internet trying to find one that fits me. I need dancing music. Suggestions are welcome.
  • My dog sneezed and farted at the same time this morning... I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard. Too many bodily functions in one room...


  • I laughed despite myself while watching Honey Boo Boo and then texted my sister. She called Bingo her favorite sport. ha! 

Topical Cream:

  • I bought gas station chicken strips on my way in to work... for breakfast. Then I made up a song about how delicious they were.


  • I shame ate Long John Silvers in my car on the way to theater the other day... it's my fat kid food. (ps. she is really tall and skinny;) dang skinny minnies!)


  • I’m sad the Target by my house is not selling Reese’s Peanut Butter pumpkins yet.

Stayin in the Green! Money Tips!!!

Being "wealthy" is just a dream to many of us... but can it be a reality to more? Well, we sat down with Andy Mattingly from Forum Credit Union to talk about building wealth... it's about using your 401k plans correctly, simplifying and budget budget budget.


Been Turkey-ed?

So Bob Donaldson of all people got me. We fist bump before most shows at Fox 59 and during our normal pre-show ritual... he got me. Turkey-ed. Seriously. It apparently works if you're doing a high-five too.

And because we work in TV... we made a video... of course.


Friday Confessions... Reflecting on Getting OLD

So my birthday was a few weeks ago... and it was one of the milestone ones that makes you think and analyze stuff... here is what I've been thinking about.

  • I don't know why but I'm always surprised that I get older every year! haha. Never feels like it...
  • I'm addicted to Cheetos. I need real help... like get them out of the vending machine please!?
  • I've listened to the same song every night this week on repeat. Yes, I'm that girl. It makes me smile!
  • I keep having this dream I'm eating a HUGE cake. It's so real, I keep waking up with a real tummy ache. What the heck?!
  • Being nice to other people is really more nice than being nice to yourself... funny how that is sometimes.
  • I thought wearing tighter fitting clothes at the gym would make me work out harder because it would make me aware of what I'm working on... instead, it was just tighter clothes that wouldn't stay in place. i kept pulling my shorts down. #fail

Here are some newsroom confessions: 
Kappi: I have a major crush on the girl in the green coat at the end of this commercial. (below)

K-Ho: I think I'm a pretty big foodie, but I love Olive Garden.


Money Tips: Things You Can Do in Just 15 Minutes

We all need money... at least a little... and it's not really fun to think about it for most of us. Apparently all you need is 15 minutes!!!


BMW Championship at Crooked Stick

These kind of things might be my fav about my job. The PGA is in town this week in Indy... and I got to go galavant around the course at Crooked Stick the day before everyone else got out there! Best part... I got all the inside info for ya if you're going: where to watch, where to park, what to drive if you want perks and where to catch a glimpse of the big golf names.

All the info you need to know in this video... to help you spot the areas you wanna be better!

Where to Park There are goign to be shuttles from Coxhall Gardens to Crooked Stick. This is your best bet as far as parking goes... unless you're so cool you have a limo and don't have to worry about driving. That's not me... so shuttle here I come.   Where to Watch The 6th hole is the "signature" hole at this golf course... so if you get out there... take your butt there for sure. Obviously the 17th and 18th holes will be the big spots on Sunday to see the final battle for the winner. Hopefully it will be a super competitive day and we'll have some fun golf drama to watch!   I Wish I Drove a Beamer... If you have a BMW... you are for real in luck. BMW owners get to park in a special "owners pavillion" at Crooked Stick. The pavillion has a cool lounge, better food, and special seats overlooking the 17th tee. Lucky lucky ducks. All you need to get in is your BMW key fab... so this may be one time you don't want to valet. Celebrity Sightings For all the golf-obsessed people... you can catch a glimpse of your fav golfer in the biergarten! It's located by the driving range... between the front 9 and back 9. All the golfers will park in the lot right next to the biergarten and then walk across a bridge that goes over you into the clubhouse... pretty certain if you camp out there you will see all of 'em.     Have No Fear... You Can Feel Good Too... The proceeds of the BMW Championship are gonna go to caddie scholarships... super cool. I got a couple messages from parents of kids who've been recipients of these scholarships talking about how great a program it is. The money is given to deserving students based on grades and financial need. Now that is something we can all golf clap about =)

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