Behind the Scenes: Fox 59 does a fancy commercial

Every now and then we get fancy at Fox59...  and this was one of those occasions. We have some super exciting things going on with the station and the big bosses wanted some new commercials featuring all the fun things that are going to be happening... and showcasing that we all actually like each other.

We had makeup... food... drinks (like oj and coffee=) and lots o lots o fun! I have no idea what this commercial will look like, but here is a sneaky peak at what we were doing=)

This isn't our norm... but its fun sometimes. Sorta like prom for grownups... minus the dinner and dresses and dancing=) well some dancing! haha. Gotta admit... liking the people you work 8+ hours a day with makes work really awesome...

Jenny and Fanchon!

Some of the staff chilling on the super mod "living room" set up. I felt like we should sing "we are a family!"
Weather whoa! B-Wilkes and Jen!!!
Make up! (yes even the boys need it... that's Scoop J in the other chair next to Ang)
Getting beautified. It's so nice when I don't have to do it myself=)


Sisters are Forever =)

I'm the oldest of 3 kids... and I'm a total stereotypical first child. My sister... the middle child... is only 14 months younger than me and she is my very best friend. I got to see her for a quick overnight visit this week and it's always the same craziness with us.

Sherry and I still act like we're 12 around each other... it's like we always revert back to that age... haha!

And when it's the two of us (and mom, usually) we always eat Korean food these days. It's like our special girls thing to do... although we all do it a lot more these days then we did growing up. We grew up between Seoul, South Korea and the US... and it's a special something that we have together... that awkward transition between the two places.
Yes. We always have bigger eyes than bellies. Oh so yum.
So let's be real. I love my sister.  Sherry Lynn and I are close in age, and we're close now...  but we've had this love/hate relationship most of our childhood.  When I say hate... I mean real hate... like chasing you around the house with a knife hate. How is that the person that terrorizes you the most as a child becomes the one you confide in as a grown up!?

This is my explanation for why Sherry was always so thin. haha! I'm the little porker in the back seat=)
Growing up in Seoul, South Korea we were little city girls.

Sherry has always been taller and thinner than me. We're the two in the middle. More growing up as city girls in Seoul.
And then there were 3... Little Sean came along on Sherry's birthday. She was pretty ticked.
As we've gotten older... we've gotten closer and closer. We understand each other... even when noone else in the world can. I think that's what happens when you've been there forever with each other. You know exactly where the other is coming from because you know what their life has been like, pretty much always.

The very awkward sister that I grew up with quickly found her own voice and place in the world. I'd love to have posted a goofy picture of her with crazy glasses in middle school so you could see just how awkward she was... but she would prob drive her butt up to Indiana and force me to take it down, so... in the spirit of growing up... I did not=)

still flipping skinny. haha.
And now quite obsessed with animals. Any kind. Explains why she has a zoo at her house... she has way too big a heart to turn any of them away.
To say I'm lucky... would be an understatement. God gave me a wonderful, special sister to be my forever friend and voice of reason. She is calmer than I am. She is much more reasonable than I usually am. She can say things to me that noone else would ever have the guts to say... and I won't smack her for it (at least not anymore;).

Sorta personal... but thought I'd share... seeing my sister this week reminded me how blessed I really am. We haven't always been bffs but in a crazy world it's nice to have your sister sometimes.  We still laugh at the same things. We can look at each other and know when we're being inappropriate. Maybe it's only a thing two sisters understand... but it's special. =)

So give a shout out to your sister if you have one... because if you do... you're probably pretty lucky like me too;)


Brewstone for Cystic Fibrosis

Fox59's very own Jenny Anchondo was one of the local celebrities that was asked to "celebrity bartend" on Friday night. So... of course all the Fox 59  ladies had to come out to support her.

My iphone apparently needed to be cleaned... but... there ya go... so don't mind the blurry pictures=)

We have a new member... so it's a chance to to also welcome her and introduce you to her too... =)
Me, Jenny, Executive Producer Olivia, new reporter Yvonne Man, Ann, Brittany

Me, Yvonne, Ann, Brittany


Confessional!!! Thank You Jesus it's Friday! My Dog Is Mad At Me

Once again... I'm taking newsroom confessions. I will go first.
  • I've taken to setting my dogs head on HER special pillow in my bed and tucking her in at night.
  • I painted my nails like a 12 year old... ring fingers are some weird crazy color. It's in, right? My friends made fun of me.
  • I'm supposed to be practicing my violin "for real" but instead of playing Paganini... I've been playing Disney songs because Libby dog dances around for me. She's my audience and she is so cute! hehe. Needless to say I'm no more ready to play. Total fail.
  • I crave pizza and cheese sticks... like always. Since I'm allergic to gluten, and gluten free pizza isn't available at 11pm when I get off work... I've started microwaving string cheese and dipping it in marinara sauce. Like every single day.
  • My dog keeps putting her butt in other dogs faces... I'm not sure why or where she got that from. Didn't get it from her momma.
Libby Dog Hates Me... At Least Right Now
With work and everything that's going on... my dog is a tad bit ticked. Clearly. I've had Libby, my weenie dog for more than a decade. She has traveled every where I have moved in this business with me... met all the men I've dated and all my new friends... and run off the ones she doesn't like. ha! I tell her everything and she listens;) I love this dog.

The problem with Libby is that she is a brat. She requires A LOT of attention or she gets really "complicated." When I say complicated... I mean the dog who could hold it and wait for me to get home to use the bathroom... watches me open the door to her room and pees on the floor in front of me instead. She times it out... so I know she is mad.

She doesn't pee in a corner or under things... she pees where she knows my feet will land unknowingly in it. Worse... she will lay a stinky poop in a hiding spot so I'm sniffing around for hours to find it. Love her.

I need the weekend to makeup with my dog. She wants treats and a long walk... I may even throw in a belly rub just because I know she likes it. Sorry Lib-aroni!!!


My Love Affair with Pierre (my violin)

I started playing the violin in 4th grade. Today is the 10 year anniversary for me and Pierre, my violin... and like many things in my life, we were meant to be...

***Yes, I realize it makes me a nerd that I remember this. Some things you just never forget.

We Go Waaaay Back
I remember going with my dad to the music store in downtown Columbia, SC to get a new big girl violin in 8th grade. I picked a crazy expensive one... Go figure... Dad said no, and promised me that if I did certain things over the summer that he'd buy it for me later. When we went back... the violin I wanted was gone. whomp whomp

Learning to Love
I quit for a brief stint in high school. I credit my violin teacher for why I finally figured it out with music. She taught me to find what I loved in music. She let me play anything I wanted to... with the stipulation that I learn the technique first within the classical repertoire.

I got an amp. I bought steel strings. I played everything from rap to jazz to rock-n-roll to bluegrass... and classical music all the time. I loved it.

If It's Meant To Be...
I finally decided to upgrade to a big girl violin. Dad and I went back to the same music store we always went to in downtown Columbia, SC. I played a bunch of violins again... and quickly settled on the 2nd one I picked up. Funny thing... It was the same violin I fell in love with years before.

The person who bought it didn't play anymore... they'd brought it back. Finally, it was mine. Pierre is its name... because he's French. =)

Me and Pierre have traveled the world together. We've gone everywhere... a little piece of home that I always have with me... no matter where I go. =)

Happy anniversary Pierre!


Hunt for A Cure WIN!!!

Saturday... very last minute... I was talked into participating in the Cystic Fibrosis Hunt for a Cure. It's a scavenger hunt.

The ladies of team 2 are some of my very best friends. We had a blast... we used good strategy... and we WON!!! oh yeah! Plus, it was all for a great cause... glad I was talked into it! Totally epic afternoon!!!

The ladies of Team 2 and some of my bffs: Annie, Emily, Olivia and me.
Team 2 with the Scavenger Hunt organizers
Found this sign along the way... doesn't just apply to scavenger hunts=)
The fabulous ladies of team 2. Sooo glad to call them my friends.


UNITY... in VEGAS!!!

It's one of the biggest meetings of journalists in the country. Like crazy big... and it is ooooh so fun. This year it was in Vegas! UNITY is when all the different minority journalism groups comes together every 4 years for one big convention. This year it was the hispanic, asian, native american and this year for the first time the lbgt journalists.

The great thing about this convention is you get to see so many old friends. When you've been in the business... even a short time... you realize how small a world it really it is.

We didn't just have fun... we also were able to get our work critiqued, go to panel discussions about social media and overall try to get better at our jobs... but here are some pics of the fun! I had a blast!!!

Mariachi band sang to us!
My UNITY roomie, WBTV reporter Sarah Batista and some fabulous young reporters Tiffany and Stephanie.
Heading out for a girls night on the town!
My UNITY roomie=)

Cabbing it down the strip.
SC news gals reunion. I've learned sooo much from these ladies!!! Jan Jeffcoat from "The List" and WRC's Angie Goff.


Rubbin is Racin!

So I've been a bit busy... which is my excuse for why I'm just getting this up on the blog. Better late than never though, right?! Last Sunday was the fabulous Brickyard 400! I got a pretty awesome assignment covering the concert in the infield. I got to listen to music and interview all the singers. So fun.

BIG big BIG thanks to the guys at Big Machine Records for all their helping getting interviews and information!!! Thank you guys!!! 

I've put all the interviews below... remember I had to be at work at 4 am... sooo I didn't get to sleep before this. I was a little space cadet all morning.

Interview with Sunny Sweeney
Interview with Greg Bates
Interview with Justin Moore
Interview with wounded warrior program and The Mavericks
Now time for some PHOTOS!!! super fun... I don't know if it's the South Carolina redneck in me coming out... but I always love going to the track. Just can't help myself. hahah!
Ran into an old Charlotte buddy Mark covering the country concerts! He works for Republic Nashville now...
Photog Dave and I were reunited! Morning show throw back=)
Some of the drivers crews showed up to the concerts!
Recognizing the troops.
I thought the flag looked pretty cool down there.

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