Clayton Anderson's Concert for CF, My Only Fear Revealed. Eeek!

Two Cystic Fibrosis bachelorettes talked Clayton Anderson into doing a benefit concert... and I got to introduce him!!! The concert was Friday at the Vogue... and it was all for a good cause. Tons of people came out... the Fox 59 ladies were definitely representing!

If you don't know who Clayton is... I'm betting that you will soon enough if you like country music. He was awesome... put on a great show... and ladies, he is a cutie... uhm uhm uhmmm.

I didn't want to like his music because the "A" he uses looks kinda like a Bama "A," but he informed me it was more like a Braves "A"... and I like the Bravos so... all is good.

I'd actually never heard of Clayton before Friday night... but loved his music. I already got his album off iTunes... Torn Jeans and Tailgates. Ran to the whole album twice for my Sunday run... super fun summer music.

 Check out his music video for his song Summer Sun below.

Clayton with the bachelorettes and me (not a bachelorette)
Back stage with Clayton
Me and Fox 59 Executive Producer Olivia

Clayton doing his thang...
The Ladies of Fox 59! Jenny, Erin (by marriage=), Olivia, me, Ann and Vanessa got cut out somehow... sorry.
Me watching Clayton perform! See him in the background!!!
Making friends! David Green on the left. Guy on the right is a Myrtle Beach, SC man!!! He taught me how to two step=)
These gentlemen were an absolute blast!!!
Clayton, Megan, Jeff Overton (yes, the golfer) and Brittany
More of the ladies of Fox 59: me, Vanessa, Ann, Olivia, Jenny and our friend Annie
My Only Real Fear... Revealed I got pulled up on stage at the concert... which is fine. I'm not shy.  Only problem... I don't sing. It's not that I can't sing... I actually can sign pretty ok... it's that I'm terrified.
Clayton, WRTV Todd Klaussen, Golfer Jeff Overton, me and Colts RB Donald Brown
I forgot the words to Silent Night on Christmas Sunday when I was in the 5th grade. It was bad, like let me paint the picture for you: "silent night, holy night" BLANK.... silence... nothing... OMG... "Sleep in heavenly peace." Yep. It was bad. I don't know why I sang the last part of the song. Ohhhh. sooo bad. I never sang on stage again... until my senior year of high school for a church musical (but that was thanks to some serious anxiety drugs). Even with meds, that was crazy stressful and made me totally a nutjob for several weeks. It's not like I even can sing in front of people. I have a physical reaction that prevents me from being able to do it. I know... it's stupid, but I can't do it.  Hence why I couldn't sing Friday night. Clayton kept trying... but not a peep out of me when the microphone was nearby.
hiding from the microphone
more hiding from the microphone. hahah!
We all have our fears... so there ya go. I'll rapel off buildings and skydive and anything else crazy... singing... that's what does me in. haha!


Drought Alert: Why You Should Care About the Corn Crop

Seriously?! Come on, Eva. I know you wanna hit snooze, but please, listen to me for a hot second. There is a reason that sooo much of the drought coverage has included corn's struggle... corn is in almost EVERYTHING. Like seriously.

So we went out to a farm recently to check out the crop... no where near the size it's supposed to be right now in Indiana. Indiana produces only a fifth of the country's corn, but much of the Midwest is seeing the same thing. sad. Here is my story from the other night...

Today the USDA declared Marion County,Indiana a primary disaster area... so this area is now officially eligible for relief loans.

So I got this easy to read list of corn products off the . It isn't all the corn related products, but it does list many of them. Check it out. This is why we should care...

Acetic and amino acids
Alcoholic beverages and brewing
Baby food
Baked goods
Bakery products
Baking powder
Blankets and bedding
Breadings, coatings and batters
Cake, cookie, dessert mixes
Corn flakes
Cornmeal mixes
Disposable diapers
Dried soups
Drink cups, plates and cutlery
Dusting for pizzas
Dyes and inks
Electroplating and galvanizing
English muffins
Fermentation processes
Food acids
Food coloring
Food packaging
Frosting and icing
Frozen and dried eggs
Frozen pudding
Glues and adhesives
Gravy mixes
Hot dogs, bologna
Hush puppies
Ice cream and sherbets
Industrial chemicals
Industrial filters and water
Industrial sweetener
Instant breakfast foods
Instant pudding mix
Instant tea
Jams, jellies, preserves
Laminated building materials
Leather tanning
Meat products
Metal plating
Ore and oil refining
Organic solvents
Pancake mixes
Paper, recycled paper
Peanut butter
Pet food
Pickles and relishes
Potato chips
Powdered mixes
Powdered sugar
Precooked frozen foods
Rubber tires
Salad dressings
Seasoning mixes
Shaving cream
Shoe polish
Snack foods
Soaps and cleaners
Spoon bread
Sports and active wear
Spray cooking oil
Surgical dressings
Theatrical makeup
Tomato sauces
Wallboard and wallpaper
Worcestershire sauce

Canned fruits, fruit fillings

Caramel color
Carbonated and fruit beverages
Carpet tile
Charcoal briquettes
Cheese spreads
Chewing gum
Citric acid
Cleaners, detergents
Coatings on paper, wood and metal
Coffee whitener
Color carrier for printing
Confections, chocolate
Corn bread
Corn chips


Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Day

Some days, I just think you can't win. It doesn't matter what you do... it's all the same. Today is one of those days. I tried on everything in my closet. My post wedding binge has made all my clothes tight... always a cute look... and oh so comfy in this ridiculous heat. After creating a solid, huge pile on the floor... I finally found something to wear.

Smooth Operator
I decided to go for a little jog outside this morning... it left me exhausted. By the time I had to get ready for work, I was still tired. I made a little smoothie thinking it'd help me. Me and little smoothie got in the car to go to work... but on the way out of the car to go into work the little smoothie decided it wanted to stay. Rather, I dumped little smoothie all over me, my car and the parking spot we were in. Awesome.

I grabbed an old dry cleaning bag in the back of my car... thank goodness I haven't cleaned it out yet... and tried to wipe down enough to go in and see if I had other clothes to wear. I didn't. I showed/informed the crew of my situation... and off I went to get new clothes at home. Let's not forget this was a process already once today.

OMG. I'm Sorry.
I get home and start cleaning my car out... whent he mailman decides to pop by. He says 'hi.' I scream. He screams. WE all scream. I've scared the crap out of us both.

Only me. Only me. I know my mail man. I drink smoothies almost every day. It's just what it is... a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day. I think I'll go eat some worms;)

Note: I have since purchased a Coke Zero (no sponsorship) to make it better... Water isn't enough today.


Weekend Whirlind: Broad Ripple Beefest

The weekend was crazy busy. Me and the new hubby played host to his brother and his friends... a bunch of guys stopping into town. I was like omg... what am I supposed to do with all these boys?! Broad Ripple Beerfest it is! Sounds like a guy thing to do, right? haha.
I was having so much fun that I took just one picture, a wide crowd shot. haha. It was hot. The beer was pouring. One of my gal pals was a total "beast" at the keg throw. We had fun. Note: gluten allergy doesn't allow beer drinking. No fear... I had lots of yummy Nicey bars (frozen ice cream treats, locally made and all organic too=) and water... in my book ice cream means fun.

Weekend Whirlwind: Wine Down for a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis

Sunday, me and the hubby went to the Cystic Fibrosis Weekend Wine Down for a Cure. I was the emcee for the event. This is my second year doing this event... it's soo fun and it's such a great cause.

If you've never heard of CF here is the low down on it.   According to the it's an "inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children and adults in the United States (70,000 worldwide). A defective gene and its protein product cause the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus that:
  • clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections; and
  • obstructs the pancreas and stops natural enzymes from helping the body break down and absorb food."
It used to be that most kids didn't make it through elementary school... today the average life expectacy is in the late 30s. They've made a lot of ground on improving the lives of those affected, but clearly... there is a lot more than can be done.

Matt and Morgan (both being auctioned off at the Guys & Dolls Gala), Annie (past doll) and me=)
   Indiana holds the Guys and  Dolls auction every fall... and a gazillion events all summer to raise money for it. This was one of those events.

Sunday I had the privilege of meeting two amazing mothers. They both spoke to the crowd to share with them what the dollars raised for CF really go toward. Brenda has two kids with CF. Rachel is a new mom with an infant that was diagnosed with CF with days of coming home from the hospital... thanks to the infant testing that Indiana now requires for all new babies.

Brenda and Rachel... Super Moms!!!
Moms are some of the most unselfish people in this world... and these moms are no different. They reminded all of us about what all mom's want: to see their kids grow up to be healthy and happy... and have grandkids, of course! haha! and they encouraged everyone to help how they could. So powerful.

Thank you guys for letting me a part!

Kristin and me
Here is the big event info! Be there or be square!!! More info:


Germs, Germs, Go away! A Cleaning Experiment

So I know you moms out there struggle with this too... it's just so hard to keep cleaning when messes are constantly being made!!! Grrr.

TV newsrooms are full of germs. I share a desk at work with the wonderful Jenny Anchondo. We are both pretty tiddy but it doesn't keep us from getting sick.

The fabulous, Fanchon Stinger knows I'm a chemistry nerd... so she showed me this product she found a few months ago: . Yesterday she got a box of products in... and so now the fun begins.

Cleaning Experiment
I decided to put these wipes to the test. Apparently you wipe down your desk, phone, keyboard one time and it protects you from germs for 30 days.

So... I first did a clorox wipedown on our desk. Let is dry and then wiped it all down with the wipe. Now we wait and see.

How can it prevent germs?
Well according to its website it creates a positively charged sub atomic charge which protects you from even the most resistant germs. AND... it's totally green! They claim just 1 wipe replaces 40, 000 regular wipes

They've apparently tested it in a school and hospital and found positive results with less people getting sick! It made me curious... hence the experiment.

. You can get a FREE trial offer too to test it out for yourself... but ya gotta pay shipping for $1.99. I'll let you know how our desk experiment goes!


Indy Water Ban Details

Already been getting a lot of questions about this first EVER water ban in Indy. Sooo... I put all the answers in one place for you to make it easy! It is copied straight off the news release they sent us. Hope this helps!!!

Water ban goes into effect: Friday, July 13th for Marion County

You have a few days left to use water... but not many!
Not Allowed:
  • Sprinkling, watering or irrigating grass
  • Washing cars, trucks, trailors, mobile homes, railroad cars or any other type of mobile equipment, except as required by applicable local, state, or federal law for health or safety reasons
  • Using water to clean sidewalks, driveways, paved areas, structures, buildings or other outdoor surfaces
  • Filling empty swimming pools
  • Installing new landscaping or new law by using sod until return to normal conditions are declared by the mayor
  • Using hydrants except for fire suppression or as otherwise directed by Citizens Energy Group
  • Operating water fountains that are non-recycling

  • Vegetable gardens and flowers may be watered every other day by container or hand-held hose equipped with a shutoff nozzle.
  • It is also permissible to water trees once per week.

  • Nurseries - Provided water use is limited to amount essential to preserve inventories
  • Automatic commercial car washes - Provided a majority of the water used is recycled
  • Manucal commerical car washes - Provided only a handheld hose equipped with a shutoff nozzle is utilized
  • Golf courses - Provided tee boxes and greens are watered only on an every other day schedule that begins on Monday of each week and fairways are watered only once per week on Thursday
  • Parks - Any watering of property owned or controlled by the department of parks and recreation as directed by the mayor or mayor's designee where such watering is neccessary or appropriate for asset preservation

  • First violation in 12-month period = $100
  • Second violation in 12-month period = $250
  • Third violation in 12-month period = not less than $500
  • Four violation in 12-month period = up to $2500 per day per violation
***The will be in charge of monitoring/enforcing the ban.

No Rain, No Holiday Cheer?!

I know. I know. It's scorching hot outside, but what happens now could totally screw our holidays... if not this year, maybe in a few. I went out to Stoney Creek Farms yesterday to check out their pumpkins and Christmas Trees... totally =(

Before that though... I was side tracked by donkeys. OMG. So cute. Had to share.

Even the donkeys are trying to steal some shade!!! So hot.

The Great Pumpkin 
Sorry Charlie Brown, pumpkins are gonna be tricky this year. Stoney Creek had to plant all 10, 000 of their pumpkin plants in little pots. June is the normal planting time for pumpkins so they are just right for October. The problemo: it's crazy dry and the ground is too hard and the situation too rough for baby pumpkins.

The farm says it's a first for them in their 40 years of operating. They are getting the pumpkins going and then moving them into the ground... def waaaay more work... and more expensive. But the home of the pumpkin festival would be sad without any pumpkins!

Baby pumpkin plant just put in the ground.

Don't worry. We will have pumpkins... and they won't cost you any extra at Stoney Creek... they will just be a major pain in the rear for them to get to harvest.

Mother Nature, A Grinch?
Most of the new Christmas trees planted this spring have died in the drought at Stoney Creek. Now the concern is on the 1-year-old trees. They would be the next to die.

Sad, sad looking little dead baby Christmas tree

The guys at Stoney Creek say that could mean a shortage in a few years... unless they can plant double one season.

We can only hope for a normal year next year... not that any of us really remember what normal even is anymore!

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