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Hi, I'm Eva. I'm an anchor/reporter for Action News (ABC6 / WPVI) in Philadelphia. I love my job.

This blog is the random thoughts that are my life... tidbits from stories I feel comfortable posting about... and sometimes a behind the scenes look at work.

I'm a political junkie... a football fan... an on-again-off-again fitness enthusiast (ha!) who likes to eat most of the time. I've been known to totally "nerd out" when it comes to chemistry-related topics so don't be surprised... it's my second or third love... depends on the day=)

And yes... I'm pretty sure that there isn't much in life that can't be made better with a glass of wine, a nap or a day on the water!

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Friday Confessional!!!

I've been a bad blogger... but I got a good confessions from my coworkers... and I needed to share! It's Friday isn't it?!

Coworker (who's name is being withheld to protect his identity) confesses that HE loves this song!

So mind you... the coworker that sent this is a guy. Not a girly guy either. I have to admit that I love LOVE LOVE this song too. I get excited when it comes on. I made my desk neighbors listen to this twice when it came in my email... don't judge.

Everyone has a song like this that they love...

K-Ho... a desk neighbor told me today that she hides cards from people in random places so she is randomly surprised later to re-find them. Spreading the love... it's like regifting but just to yourself=)

so my turn... I confess...
  • My bedroom floor is covered with dog hair. I need to vaccum it up, but just haven't had time this week. Gross, I know.
  • I get hungry late at night and buy food on Amazon.com ... haha. I've got a box of LaraBars on the way right now=)
  • I ate my gel nails. Yep. They are supposed to last 2 weeks... I ate them off this week... just 4 days into the mani. Bad Eva. Usually they are hard enough I can't eat them... this time I tried a new place, not so much.
Hope you're amused... I'm still singing... Call me maybe?! haha!!!

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