Some days All I Can Hope for is Not to Pee My Pants

Reporting is a skill. Journalism takes some know-how. Sometimes though, it's just about survival. Last night was one of those nights.

I drank four glasses of McAlister's tea. You know what I'm talking about... those big tall glasses of tea. Major mistake. One of the first rules I learned as a young reporter was to pee and eat when I had the chance... and to moderate my fluids because bathrooms are not always available. Clearly, I  thought I'd be some sort of renegade. Bad move.

My story was shot... I had one quick interview left to grab about IUPUI canceling some classes around Super Bowl and offering $25 parking. It was going to be an easy night. A) Law schools are known to be open 24/7. Law school students study all the time. B) I could write my story early and relax.

Not So Fast... BREAKING NEWS!!!

It never fails. Never. This time it was an explosion on the west side. Apparently  half of Indy felt it. As we rushed over to the scene... I had to pee. It's all I could think of.

I explained to my photographer that if he didn't drop me at the Super Kmart across the street from the explosion that I was going to pee my pants. He asked me not to... because then I'd smell and he'd have to sit in the live truck all night with a stinky reporter. ha!

I'm running. Literally running into the  Kmart. and I barely make it. whew!

Success. I didn't pee my pants. I ate dinner (baked cheetos, pickles, jerky and a coke zero). That is what any reporter will call a good night=)

So I gave myself a treat. Girls Scout cookies... working in a newsroom makes eating healthy sooo hard.


New Year's Resolutions

We all do this every year. Some things hold true... most do not. And like I say every year... hopefully this year I'll actually do some of the things I "resolve" to do.  So here we go...

  • Be on time. If you know me... you know this can be a real issue. haha.
  • Drink more water.
  • Pay myself first. Save more $$$. Hopefully this new approach will work better.
  • Gym... obviously. Let's go realistic this year... 3 days a week.
  • Eat healthy half the time. I'd love to say I can do this more... but I love pizza, chicken tenders and candy. Half is good.
  • Practice my violin... no more just playing around with songs I already know and can play. Time to learn something new;)
  • Get a new design for this blog!!! and blog 3 times a week.
I didn't count Sunday as the first day of the new year because it was still the weekend. Last night I ate a whole can of tootsie rolls. So.. that means today is day one. I'm off to a fairly good start.
My new monogrammed lunch box I got for Christmas! =)

Life happens. If you don't plan and work to do better... it will never happen. I'm a firm believer in the idea that it doesn't matter how many times you have to start "doing better." As long as you never give up trying=) So here is to hoping I keep this year's resolutions longer than I did last years!!!

Happy new year! Hope 2012 is good to all of you.

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