Food: I Have Become One of Those Crazy People

I never thought this would ever happen to me. I used to laugh at the people who did this, but now here I am. I'm one of the crazy people. 

I've had some digestive issues for a while now and nothing really helped. Literally every day my stomach would swell up... like visibly. It was crazy and awkward. So... as a last attempt at feeling better it was suggested to me to totally overhaul/clean up my diet. All natural foods. No processed stuff. No bread/glutens. We could add stuff back slowly and see what the problem maker was.

If you know me... you know this... I love McDonald's. I eat lots of fast food. I love chicken fingers and diet coke. My fav: the two cheeseburger meal=) ahhh.
When I first started this... I was like: OMG... natural!!!? This is going to stink! Well now... I've been eating a totally cleaned up diet now for a month and wowsers... I feel amazing!

Crazy Talk
It took me 10 minutes to order a smoothie at a "natural" food store the other night. My photographer thought I was nuts. Maybe I am... a little... but I feel amazing.

I called my high school gal pal because I randomly remembered that she too is a crazy person... and . and I have tips and info from her to share=) You can check out her She has recipes and waaay more info there than I can every give ya!

You can laugh if you want... it hasn't been that hard to do... and the results speak for themselves. I don't care what you think. I've been you before... haha.

Tips from Faith=) to a Healthier Diet
You don't need to spend a fortune and go all crazy... but there are some easy things you can and SHOULD do to help yourself.

1. Change your meats - It sounds a bit extreme but ya wanna go grass fed/grass finished for beef and free range for chickens. If you've noticed... the FDA actually asked farms to stop giving animals antibiotics and hormones with a vets prescription... but it's voluntary. They are seeing information that the animals meds are making us resistant to our meds. boo.

2. Say no to white/fake sugars and fake fats
  • Sugars: If you haven't seen the recent on sugar... you should. I've done a lap around the grocery store and sugar really is in EVERYTHING. It's crazy.  Faith's advice: sweeten with legit maple syrup and local honey. If you're diabetic... try Stevia and Xylitol... it's not perfect but apparently better. And the real butt kicker... Faith told me sugar helps cause wrinkles... omg. this is reason enough to stop, right?! ahaha.

  • Fats: Don't do the fake stuff. Faith posted the above picture the other day.... notice the ants don't want the margarine (dark yellow)... they don't recognize it as food. They go for the butter. I'm a big fan of science and progress... but not at the risk of my body. I won't go into my spill on hydrogenation... but I can't help bu think the natural stuff is easier for my body to break down and get rid of.
 3. Eat lots of fruits/veggies... and go organic when needed, but not always.
  • What should you buy organic? and is it expensive?! Faith's advice... ya can get away with buying only the worst chemical offenders. It's not likely you're going to buy all 12 of the worst offenders list. (below).. and you can probably get a bunch of stuff off the clean list too.
  • The Environmental Working Group (EWG) put out a list of the fruits/veggies with the most pesticides on them. They actually go into grocery stores and buy stuff... which they then test. The full is on their , but here are the top 12.
Dirty Dozen
 Nectarines (imported)
 Sweet Bell Peppers
Blueberries (domestic)
Kale/Collard Greens

Fruits/veggies that you don't need to worry about getting organic. Check it out.

Clean 15
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas
Cantaloupe (Domestic)
Sweet Potatoes

No Chance I Can Do That!!!
I didn't think I could. I work a job that has me not sure where I will be for dinner most days. I've had to think more... plan... and most importantly find good snacks that I can have that are no brainers. I pack bags of nuts and easy to carry fruit every day now. I fix my lunch if I can... but have been able to find a few restaurants that are easy for me to order at. 

The trick is finding the flavors I like and ways to get them without all the processed bad stuff. I'ts been fun. Go plain. Go natural. Go do something good for yourself.


Anonymous said...

"the FDA actually asked farms to stop giving animals antibiotics and hormones with a vets prescription."

You meant "without". What they are currently trying to stop is the feeding of low level antibiotics in livestock herds to prevent health. There is no reason NOT to use antibiotics to TREAT a disease in a livestock animal if a veterinarian deems it necessary.


Hi Eva, great blog! I like you have dealt with several stomach issues and really never finding any solutions for it until the end of last year. Similiar to you, I've been eliminating fast food from my diet and I was very much a FAST FOOD JUNKIE. I've been a group fitness instructor for 11 years and a personal trainer for 3 and workout hard daily, but my insides had to be horrific to be truthful! It wasn't until I heard of Shakeology that my mindset changed. It's an amazing all natural shake that I began drinking for breakfast. One of the things it "claims" to do is reduce your cravings for bad foods. I thought yeah right! I LOVE bad, greasy, fattening food! My friends can't believe it, but I'm a changed person as well. I'd love for you to read more about the shake. Who knows, it might be something you want to add to your daily regimen? It's truly amazing and has put me on the right path for healthy eating and living! I was very excited to read your blog. Great stuff. Keep it up girl!


E-mail me if you would like to learn more: lifeisgood23km@gmail.com.

Kristina Mills
Greenwood, IN


hey anonymous... you are exactly right... was typing a little too fast. obviously medicine should be used to help animals... FDA is just asking farms to stop using it without cause. Thanks for catching that!

and Kristina... yay for you! I've tried the shakeology stuff... can't get into shakes though. I need to chew. Must be a mental thing. haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eva I'm a new clean eater too! I've been going since the begining of this year and just wait until youve been doing it for 3-4 months. You're going to feel AWESOME. Just a warning don't be tempted to snitch some bad food, it's not worth it! Some guides that have helped me are the Clean Eating magazine by Tosca Reno(there are books and have a website too) and oxygenmag.com both have awesome recipes. Good Luck and welcome to the crazy band wagon!



Awesome blog!

I've had food issues for years also. My main "evil" is actually chicken of all things. Anytime I eat a chicken from the grocery store it is like I get food poisoning. It's horrible! The root of the cause is what they are now fed including the hormones & antibiotics. I can't say for sure if beef will do that to me because we purchase a pastured cow from a local farmer and have it processed ourselves. We'll keep doing that forever.

We are on our way of completely cutting the grocery store off except for very few things we can't do ourselves. Growing everything on our own this year and we even have chickens now that will provide eggs and meat. No antibiotics, no hormones, their environment and food is 100% controlled by me. I can't wait to eat chicken again!

Glad to hear you are liking the new diet! And... welcome to the "dark side." It's much healthier over here! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva, That was my mom's name btw great name :) I'm trying to figure out how to go about this after adpting my grandson (he's 4) and working from 9 or 10am to 7 or 830pm--usually don't get to eat lunch even. Any ideas?
Thanks Janet

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva. Good for you! Changing our eating habits can be a challenge but well worth it. IMO Our family started getting all of our meat, chicken and eggs from this place. They make deliveries around the city. Their quality is unmatched and compared to grocery prices...it's a no brainer. We love them. Thought it might be of help. Thanks for your advice and keep the faith!


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