Pacers... Oh Yeah!!!

yep. this happened... what a game!!! Goooo Pacers!

My love affair with the Pacers continues. I love the games... but the whole winning thing is really really awesome. It's cool to see them play well together... to see players stepping up and having a phenomenal game... and then beat a team that most would never have thought they could. That's Indiana basketball right?! It was really a great win...especially after what happened the last time Miami came to town.

Now... let's talk about these uniforms Miami was wearing... 

First off... it was throwback night. Both teams were wearing retro uniforms... but Miami... really? that one? So I did a little research. The uniforms were 1970-71 Miami Floridians (that is old school ABA stuff). I would hope there were better throw back uniforms to choose... but I guess not. They were tropical colors which is soooo south Florida. I just was confused the whole game by the pink and orange. I'm can only imagine the players are gonna be glad when the throw back nights for these uniforms are over and they don't have to wear those things again.

***DISCLAIMER: I am one of the game emcees for the Pacers. My allegiance lies with Indiana.


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