Linsanity comes to Indy

YAY! Pacers!!! Let's say that first. As some of you may know, I'm one of the emcees for Pacers games this year. I LOVE love LOVE it! Such a fun "job." I'm truly lucky I get to do it. The people I get to work with are so awesome there... its just such a great atmosphere.

Best part: I get to watch the games and I get a great view a lot of the time. Courtside is amazing. Seeing the players up close is really interesting because you don't realize how big/small/skinny some players are. I mean we all know 7 feet tall is tall... but it's totally different when a 7 footer is standing near you. wow.

My "words!" These are the cards I get every game to tell me what to do.
The one... the only... BOOMER!!!
Sold out crowd!!! Pacers vs. Knicks.
Well Saturday night's game was packed! A sold out crowd... and it was probably because of Linsanity. Jeremy Lin with the NY Knicks was in town and every Asian in Indy and the surrounding areas was out. I'm half Korean... born in Seoul... and it was crazy to see.

Really it's always cool to see people breaking stereotypes and being successful at something no one would every guess. I mean really... who thinks a Harvard alum is going to be a hotshot in the NBA. YAY Linsanity!!!

Fans lining the Knicks tunnel to try to get an autograph from Jeremy Lin.
More fans waiting on Lin.
The man they were all waiting on... Jeremy Lin warming up.


Anonymous said...

It's sad that it takes a player from the visiting team to sellout the fieldhouse.

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