Gal Pals Fitness Challenge: Thursday; CrossFit Kicks My Butt

OMG. I'm tired, but I'm not. Pulled a double today. Honest moment: I wanted to call my gals and say ehhhh I'm too exhausted to do a second workout this morning, but I was the one that talked them into this so I feel obligated to go. I'm glad I did.

Do the workout 3 times!!!
Run after if you're a hot shot... I am not. ha!

I swear the workouts are getting easier... either that or I'm getting stronger. The gals agree... we've been picking up the speed on the rounds and doing shorter rests between. We did lay around and do a lot of "stretching" after though... gotta love good friends;)

CrossFit Reminds Makes Me Happy
Workout #1 was at 9am. CrossFit!!! It's early, but it is sooo worth it! My friends are tired of hearing about how much I love CrossFit. love Love LOVE!!!

Today's workout was an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) thrusters and pullups. You start with 3 of each and go up by intervals of 3... so 3, 6, 9, 12, 15... do it for 7 minutes. It sucked... but felt good.

What a normal workout looks like... goes up on the white board. This one was really not bad at all. Most are much worse.
I like it because I'm seeing a difference after only 2 weeks. I'm midway through week 3 now. It feels much more like you're on a sports team than it does like a workout. Some of the nicest ladies workout at our "box"... that's what they call a CrossFit gym. It makes it better... it's encouraging... and inspiring. It's hard... but it's doable and its over after an hour.

So what is it? It's a combination of weight lifting and calisthenics/plyometrics. Lots of squats and push ups and pull ups on either gymnastics rings or a bar. We also have done tricep dips on the rings (way too hard for me right now) or with the gymnastics parallel bars. There are spurts of running (up to a mile total in some workouts so far).

What I've Learned
I hate burpees. I hate Turkish get ups. I hate deadlifts. But I love CrossFit. I love how much better I feel... and that is what has spurred the search for other at-home workouts that are kinda similar.

I need gloves. My hands look like man hands... not cute. I've been digging around for old gymnastics gear for my hands, but apparently I don't pack well. Goodness knows when I packed it and where I put it!

I can't wait to see what happens in a month.



crossfit...awesome. Quick question about the pullups - were you able to do them before starting? I can't and find it quite frustrating when a workout calls for them...


Hey Eva! Love your blog! We're happy to have you at our gym- keep up the great work!


Mallory... I still can't do the pullups! haha! I have to do modified pullups at the gym with a resistance band or I do the jump pullups. Gonna be a pullup queen one day hopefully! Goals!


Shannon!!! I'm loving it! All you girls are so nice=)

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