Everyday Eva gets a new 'do!'

I'm one of those people that takes on projects and can't stop until I get done... what I want to get done. haha. It's good and bad, but this time it was good. Project: new website look started on a sleepless night last week... and this weekend I spent some time actually finishing up.

New Features

  • Slideshow:  gonna try to post pics of recent events here. I love pictures... fun, fun, fun. 
  • Poll: weigh in on what you think! I'll try to post new questions at least once a week.
  • Twitter Roll:   follow my silly and not-so silly tweets
  • Chat:   let's you chat with me while I'm online. I'll try to do this during the 4pm show.
  • Share Buttons:  it's now much easier to share my posts=)
Shoot me your thoughts on the finished product. My full nerd came out while doing this... I had waaay too much fun. Hope you enjoy!


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