Bad Blogger... Bad. Confessions.. from my coworkers

I'm a bad blogger... oh well. As a peace offering... I bring you confessions... form my coworkers!!! This gives you a glimpse into the world I work in=)

Boots Girl
  • I DVR American Pickers episodes and watch them. (In case you're wondering what that show is... it's a show about hoarding)
  • When I run out of pickles in the pickle jar... I save the juice because I like to drink it. It's also good for a bloody mary.
  • I'm going to my second circus solei show in a week tonight... whomp whomp.
Hadt Attack
  • Ate 6 day old pizza... it's good for a week, right? (uhmm no.)

  • Finally took down last Christmas tree from house
  • Broke my own moral code and went to WalMart
  • Had a half-hour conversation about MTV’s Challenge (I wish it would have been longer)

Doll Baby
  • I liked a drink that smelled like feet. (This is in reference to an apple cider vinegar beverage to fight a sore throat that I made him... it works. I swear.)

My Confessions
  • I've been freaking out about all the sick people around me. I keep taking medicine... even though I'm not sure I need it... and I know better.
  • The zipper on my purse broke... I've known it for a while... but I like the purse so I keep using it. Don't judge.
  • I wore the same socks two days in a row. I needed to do laundry... again... don't judge.
Have a good weekend!!!



Welcome back! You need to link up with Mamarazzi's Friday Confessional: http://www.ourdandelionwishes.com/2012/02/sexy-time-confessions.html

Have a fabulous weekend, Eva!


Awesome, all around awesome


Really good idea for a post! Love your blog, I have a new blog http://tcw-thecatswhiskers.blogspot.com would be great if you could check it out :)

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