NBA Preseason (Go Pacers!), Old Ladies and Roller Derby

Monday was busy. So this is my weekend round-up. Haha!

Let's Go Pacers!!!
People that know me well know I love, LOVE sports. This year I am adding NBA emcee to my list of extracurricular activities!!! I'm gonna be working some of the Pacers games and am soooo excited!

My excitement is two-fold. The Pacers look to be pretty good this year... I'm hopeful they will make a playoff run once again. And it's fun! So come see them play and say hi to me at games! I will be tweeting away there so look for the fun!

We Are Those Old Ladies...
After my first Pacers game... I went and met up with my friends for some holiday fun. We went to our good friends little niece's house for a festive gathering. The niece is in college... And she had quite a spread of treats.

But the real treat was some young guy who played NKOTB on the iPod. He thought it was something we would like! Hahaha! We cleared the living room and danced it up like teens again! Then we realized it. We are now old ladies... we listen to music that college kids think of as "retro." Wow. haha. Oh well, it was fun!

Yes... these are all pics of us dancing to Hangin Tough... NKOTB circa undisclosed grade;)
Girl Fight!
Saturday night was all about doing something different! We checked out the Indy Roller Girls... Indy kicked butt! Like crazy.

We found Santa was even there!!! Guess the Indy Roller Girls have been nice!
Executive Producer Olivia and fellow reporter KJ with the roller derby going on behind us=)
Less than a week till Christmas... Shopping is done! Waiting to wrap on Christmas Eve... Family tradition;)



Another week... another set of things to "admit."

I confess...
  • I've eaten Taco Bell almost every day this week.
  • I taught my coanchor, Ray how to do a "spin move." If you have "gas" you spin in a circle as you walk to "shake" the scent. Ya don't wanna ask why I had to teach him this. hahaha!
  • My laundry is still sitting on my bed. I've slept next to it two nights in a row. It's clean... I just need to put it away. Eeeek!
  • I ate a whole jar of Wickles (delish sweet/hot dill, garlic pickles)... from my laundry covered bed.
Here comes the weekend! Thank the Lord=)

HEMA Lingerie: Can Give Even a Man Curves?

One of my producers sent me this via email... its interesting. A Dutch fashion company has hired a man as it's newest model for... get this... their lingerie line.

Andre Pejic has quite a reputation already for his gender-bending work on the runway. He isn't just doing women's lingerie... he has walked the catwalk in men's undies too. Designers have now picked him for both.

In the Hema ad campaign he sports a pushup bra, skin tight dress hugging his newly "created" curves and smokey eye makeup.

Hema says they hired him because he is proof... proof there lingerie works. The company said in a statement, "Even men get a decolleté with this new mega push-up bra. That means that you with 'totally nothing' can go to a beautiful B-cup."

Taking a look at the lingerie ad pics above... and the all natural below... seems their "product" is working.

Okay... let's be real for a second. He looks hot as a lady. A lot of women would kill to look like that. He's got curves with that lingerie on. All I can say is this guy  must be banking $$$ if he can do both menswear and womenswear...


Time to Fight Back... From Germs

No question... its that time of year. You may remember I spent the greater part of a week knocked on my butt sick with stupid cold, sinus, tonsil issues. I still have some gunk in my throat. Now, my office is rampant with germs. Lots of people are sick... and they are all around me. AND they are all coughing, sneezing and snotting. Aggghhhh!

I love my coworkers, but I don't want their germs... more importantly, I don't want to be sick again. I have a very nice Christmas/New Years vacay planned and that means I can't afford to be out sick and keep my vacay in tact.

So... I went shopping...

One of the wonderful ladies I work with gave me this advice. Note: I am not a doctor. She is not a doctor. This is just stuff people say works to fight off sickness. This comes from no scientific evidence. I am simply desperate not to get sick.

I ran out and bought an arsenal of supplies... which surely cost me less than the last time I was sick cost me so if it works... it's worth it. Her trick is every 3 or so hours you take:
  • 1 Airborne
  • 3 Echinacea
  • 2 Garlic
  • 2 Cayenne
  • 2 Zinc
I've added to the mix...
  • Celestial echinacea Complete herbal tea that has echinacea (obviously), vitamin C and zinc in it as well. I pour in a little locally grown honey to help with any allergies to make a very nice tea.
  • Clorox wipes... must have.
  • Ricola dual action drops... helps with the sore throat and the cough. They don't taste that great, but they work wonders.
  • Cold Eeze drops... I hope this is not zinc overload. I am desperate.
Funny story: so when I ran out to get the list of ingredients my coworker says is part of her arsenal, I accidentally bought curcumin instead of cayenne. I thought... for sure this will work. It's supposed to help immune health... blah blah. No bueno. I burped shortly after taking the curcumin... it tasted like Indian food... which I normally really like, but not in a burp unexpectedly. hahaha! made me laugh. =P

Also maybe funny: I think I smell... so I've been spraying lots of perfume. That's a lot of stinky pills mixed together, so if you smell me... I am sorry. It's not my fault. I dont' want to get sick.

Comment below... share your best way to fight off sickness and stay healthy. I'm game for just about anything as you can see...


Ugly Christmas Sweater Tshirts!!! DISCOUNT!!! Plus, a GIVE-AWAY!!!

OMG. I saw this a few months ago... it made me laugh. It's clever. It's awesome. It's pretty ingenius. AND now I have one. I feel so hipster. haha! Plus... I got one for a lucky reader/viewer too... I know. I'm so nice=)

What says happy holidays like an ugly Christmas sweater party?! Well one guy (Jared Ingold) made those hideous sweaters really hipster for his friends a few years ago... and now people are snatching them up all over the place! *** The pics are pretty funny too!***

The crazy thing is all these bloggers starting chatting about him... the shirts are now going everywhere... all over the world, but in Indy it doesn't seem like the word has really gotten out about this awesome take on the holidays... and it started right here!

I went by and got to see them myself... chat with Jared and his crew in their new building (business is booming!).  His line is called . They really are pretty awesome, soft shirts. It's all done by hand. Each color pressed on separately.

They are all pretty awesome. I really like the snowman (blue) and the skiers (green). Just FYI, the bears shirt (tan) is like super, super soft. I feel like if I was really cool... the tan one is the one I would get. haha! I'm not there yet.

. He's generously given me a shirt to give away on this little blog... ... pick your fav... and shoot me a comment. I'll pick a winner=) Prob will do that Friday... wanna give peeps some time to get in on it.
Now not everyone can win, but Jared is giving all our peeps a bit of a discount... FREE shipping if you buy!!! Just use the coupon code "FOX59"... that's where I work=) and you don't have to pay to get your goods!

Happy holidays!


Hackers Trying to Steal Christmas! What to Watch out For...

Hackers! Boo. They're apparently targeting people buying airline tickets... sorta rolling the dice that you're expecting a confirmation and hoping you make the mistake and click on the phony ticket and BAM! you're infected. Computer virus... whomp whomp.

The email comes as a confirmation... the virus is the attached "ticket." Don't open it!!!
Delta and American Airlines both have been used as covers for this scam... I put a copy of the ticket we used for my story above. ***Side note: 231.98 is a pretty decent deal on a flight=)

Basically, use some common sense. Read the email... check the destination... do you even have a flight booked on that airline? Free is relatively a myth these days... so don't assume you just magically got a free ticket.

WARNING Re: Facebook Ads
While I was interviewing our computer expert, he told me that another big source for viruses on computers right now is Facebook. We all saw the graphic, adult photos that were viruses... but this time it's not what's on your newsfeed that you should be worried about. Apparently the hackers are using fake Facebook ads for phony discount shopping.

Such a dirty thing to do this time of year when people are looking to save... so beware that not all discount stores in ads are real... and be safe by doing a quick Google search to make sure what you're about to click on is a real shopping site and not a virus.


Confessions of a News Reporter... AND the Giveaway Winner!!!

yes... it's that time again! yes... I skipped a week... I know. Bad blogger.

I confess...
  • I watched the Congressional testimony of Supreme Court justices Scalia and Breyer in front of the Senate Judiciary committee on CSPAN... for fun. Hours of it. Scalia is a funny man. What can I say?! I wasn't sick at that point either yet! #NerdAlert.
  • I let my dog poop on the deck because I'm sick and I didn't want to climb down the stairs to take her out.  It was cold outside.
  • My boyfriend wondered why my dog pooped on the deck. He cleaned it up.
  • I don't always wash grapes before I eat them. I know I should. I'm impatient.
  • I leave cough drop wrappers everywhere. In my purse. On the table. Next to the couch. It's my way to see how long and how sick I am. It's become too much, but I don't wanna pick them up yet because I'm still sick...
  • I'm rotating between York peppermint patties and Mounds chocolate bars. Eating in moderation flies out the window if you're sick=)

Okay so there were a lot of comments on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Tshirt giveaway... I took pictures as proof it was in fact totally random...

I scrolled. Kappi, my coworker told me when to stop and pointed. YAY!

The winner is (drumroll please!)... AliciaBlanche!!! Please shoot me and email at eva.pilgrim@hotmail.com so I can get you the shirt!!! yay!!!

Congrats and here is to hoping this week I finally shake this cold!!!

It Always Happens on Vacay... Tsk.

I've been on vacay for a week... but it seems one part of my time off decided to stay with me. Never fails. You go on vacation... and you get sick.

I almost always get the winter jinx at least once... granted this one was pre-winter by just a few days.  You know what I'm talking about... out for a week, miserable, sick, nose drip everywhere, throat sore, body hurts, you'd rather just sleep.

Maybe it's just me, but I start to get impatient about day 2 of my misery. Then it's a trip to the closest drug store for everything cold related you can buy... all in hopes of something making it go away! haha. =( Probably not smart... but my head is too heavy to think right now!

I've restrained from buying the entire CVS this time. Instead, I'm eating ice cream bars. The nice cool ice cream feels good on my throat. I am on vacation... gotta enjoy something, right?!

Now it's back to work... trying to not be sick. Positive thoughts! Apparently everyone is getting sick... lots of people have called out. If you have any cold remedies that work, send them in to help us all!!!

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