Finallly Recovering From My Post-Thanksgiving Coma

OMG! I ate a lot. I made it into a whole week binge. Why not?! hehe! Finally peeled myself off the couch today to get back into a semi-normal routine and went running.

But before we skip right over Thanksgiving into Christmas all month... I think it's important to remember that this holiday serves a real purpose.

Thanksgiving is a funny holiday with my family. My last name is Pilgrim... it's been the brunt of many holiday jokes. Grandpa Pilgrim is a preacher... and most Thanksgivings he gives us a mini-sermon during blessing. A reminder of why we should be thankful thru the good and the bad. It's the official kick start to the holiday season... and we do it by remembering to be thankful... right before we plow down people to buy presents! haha.

As I get older... not old, just older... I think we all start to realize how precious family time is. We go and binge eat, not just because it's an excuse, but because our time with our families is precious.

So the weird pic of the kid... that's me. Yes, Punky Brewster sneakers and all! In my family, we never dressed up as Pilgrims for Thanksgiving... we're that all year long... given the choice I always chose to be an Indian. Go figure.

Gotta share the wealth... Being a Pilgrim is pretty fun. What's better is when little boys made fun of my last name, my little sister would beat them up. She always was feisty... still is... so watch out! hahah!


Food Problem... But It's Not My Fault

I'm trying. Really trying to eat healthy. I'm training for a marathon... still dreaming of being in the best shape possible for the next triathlon season. BUT I can't! Why?!!! Because of work. Yummy treats everywhere... and you can only go so long before the yummy smell and delish goodness makes you give in.

The problem... below are pictures of just ONE, a single day at work... all the same day and the hurdles I have to overcome. Note: I did not overcome. I ate it all... and it was wonderful.

Alcohol-infused cupcakes: (from left to right) Jack and Coke, Spiked Arnold Palmer, Mojito, Blue Moon! All amazing, delish treats from

Angry Bird cupcakes: I needed the ring. Chocolate and vanilla with buttercream icing. YUM!

Get Your Grub On=)

Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting holidays for me... I'm a Pilgrim. Come on! Today the Pacers were dishing it out to help those in need. LOTS of people came out to get their grub on... the food smelled delish (I didn't sample it... that's not sanitary!!!). I was on yam duty... until I got bumped to ham.

All around AMAZING time... great people... great fun... great food. It's Thanksgiving! While you're busy chowing down... don't forget about those who aren't as fortunate as you... We all have a lot to be thankful for this year=)
Tamika Catchings with Fever on the end... Former Pacer Austin Croshere is the tall guy.
Asst Coach Dan Burke and Quinn Buckner (former IU/Pacers... current color analyst for Pacers!)
Fox 59 crew:  Jenny Anchondo and Edward Moody!
Asst Coach Dan Burke
Freddy Fever!!! whoop whoop!
Pacers Coach Frank Vogel and Fox 59 pal Jenny Anchondo =)


Lessons from an Elementary School Student

I met what has to be one of the coolest elementary school students in the world MCing the Philanthropy Awards dinner tonight. Her name... Abby. Tonight she was honored with the Youth Philanthropist award and her speech was brilliant AND funny.

Abby started a program at her school where the students get to wear hats on Friday, but they have to pay a quarter to do it. That money goes to the kids at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. She's done so many projects since then... and she tells me she's got something up her sleeve soon.

Def makes you feel like you should do more... A good reminder as we head into the holiday season to remember those who are suffering this year and make an effort to do more.


Confessions of a News Reporter...

Father... I have sinned. 1. I've not blogged in a long time. I won't make excuses... 2. I stole this idea from dozens of other blogs I like. It's a good idea though!!! I feel like it's a good recap of the week... and will allow me to shed some light on my true crazy=) So into the confessional I go!
I confess...
  • I've been eating 4 pieces of Dove dark chocolate every morning... before I get out of bed. It's my reward for getting my butt moving and heading to work. 
  • I had a bad day at work this week... so I ate a whole jar of Wickles at my desk... then went to the store and bought more. 
  • Blew the budget... Despite what I try to tell myself, it's not the eating out that's the problem... it's the shopping. I've been having a rough week... I allowed myself internet retail therapy. If you'd like to participate too... check out in SC (look at the albums on their Facebook page.. so cute... dang it! and they will ship it to you;) Go ahead... being bad feels better when you do it with others.
  • There is a zit on my nose... almost in my nostril... that I keep picking at. I don't know why... I keep picking. It hurts. Last night I picked it until it bled. Gross. I know better.
  • My car is making weird noises. I know I should take it in... but I don't want to. I'd rather go shopping and pretend it's not happening.
So here is to a peaceful, easy weekend!!! Dear Jesus, I need it. 

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