A wardrobe must have: flat, cute red shoes!!!

I've been on the search for the perfect pair for a while... a red pair of flat, but I wanted something that was slightly interesting. Since I have  overdone the number of shoes with bows in my collection, I had to look for something else.

  • Black bell sleeve top = $30 Overstock
  • Red Kenneth Cole flats = $30 TJ Maxx
  • OLD Blue Cult jeans = $20 Gabriel Brothers
  • Red Necklace = $8 K&G Fashion Superstore
First things first, yes the necklace was $8!!! I got matching earrings with it too for $3!OMG... when I tell people I got it at K&G they are surprised. I'm telling you guys... they get good jewlery and it's cheap there=)

Red shoes spice up any outfit. Black shirt and jeans... and fun red shoes. It just makes it look more special I think. It just makes feet happy... find a cute pair... make sure they're comfy... and you're set. I love red shoes!


Fall Coats on the cheap... trying to help a girlfriend out!

One of my favorite people is on the hunt for an inexpensive fall coat. We went shopping over the weekend... nothing. So I had some time today... and I decided to help a friend out. I know... so selfless of me to shop... all for her;) I got a little email from  JCREW so I thought I'd scope out the sales... it was just one stop, but cute stuff!

WAS $158 now $59 at ... Plus use promo code SHOPNOW to save 30%

WAS $128... NOW $49 at !!! Plus, use promo code SHOPNOW to save 30%.
WAS $62... NOW $39/$29 at ! OH  YAY! Plus, use promo code SHOPNOW for 30% off.
Gotta get back to work... Hope my quick brousing helps someone. I am trying not to buy... but I may have to order a cardigan. Ya never can have too many!!! =)

Off-brand skin care? No no or oh yeh!!? An experiment!

I'm trying to save money... it's the story of my of my life. ha! So I heard from a girlfriend that the store brand "regenerist" line is actually pretty good. I've read good things about the Olay Regenerist serum and cream so I thought I'd give it a go. My skin has been really dry... it's getting colder here already. I have to get a go on the dry skin battle now if I want to stand a chance in Jan/Feb.

I don't want to say I'm a skincare snob... but its hard not to think that you get what you pay for. Its hard not to assume that a more expensive product is better for you. And let me tell ya... I'd never have tried the off-brand if my girlfriend hadn't let me touch her face to feel how amazing her skin felt.
$13.27 at Walmart

I've only used them once so far... but the Equate (Walmart brand) regenerating serum and cream are both pretty amazing. The Equate regenerating perfecting cream was very thick and creamy... which is what I wanted to combat my dry skin. I use a retinoid at night so my skin often dries out. I'm using it at night... last night was night #1... this morning my face was so nice. It's crazy. I'm trying not to get all excited, but I'm hopeful.

$13.27 at Walmart
 I'm  using the serum during the day.  It made my skin feel instantly smoother. Silky even. It goes on super smooth and I think it even made my makeup easier to apply. A little goes a long ways, so be careful pumping it out. I think I got too much this morning, but I just wiped it on my neck... always good to do anyways.

$13.47 at Walmart
 I'm also trying out the CeraVe AM lotion with spf 30. I've been  using Cetaphil for a while. Their SPF lotions are thinner. This CeraVe lotion was actually pretty think and creamy. I was surprised! I loved it going on. No stinging, no tingling, just put it on and it absorbed pretty quickly.

It's clearly too early to tell if it's gonna cause a crazy breakout or cure wrinkles, but at first use I really like it. YAY for good advice from girlfriends!!! I'd never have tried it without her mentioning it...


Black AND Navy!!! It's not a no no;)

I'm not good at the alleged "no no's." Most of the time I stay away from brown/black and navy/black. I'm a chicken, but one dress changed my life.
  • dress = $69 TJ Maxx
  • Bow slingbacks = $70 Nordstrom

The dress is navy, the accents are black. It works. It more than works. I've tried it out in other ways putting stuff together myself and it seems to work well that way. Pick a color for the main show and make the alleged "no no" pair the accent. Works every time.

This particular dress, I love. It's got some sassy details. The tie up... corset style middle. The gold gromets. The puffy sleeves. It takes a simple shape and makes it special. What I love... the black center accent is slimming, as is the tie-up. Plus, there are pleats and pockets. The pleats hide any tummy in a cutsy way. The pockets... well I just love having pockets. =)


Mani Monday: Essie Lilacism

Can you say LOVE!!!? OMG. LOVE!!! Its been pretty hit or miss with the pastel purples for me, but this one is IT!

It's a careful balance with pastel-type colors. What makes Essie's Lilacism work is that it has a hint of grey to it, but its very much purple. It's light, so it's still office appropriate.

I got sooo many compliments on this one. Bought it in a buy one, get one free deal at Walgreens. It was $8 for both of them.

This one goes in the favorites pile.


Ruffles=) and a confession...

It's time to be honest. I love being girly. I love sparkles, ruffles and high heels. I also really like flip flops, tshirts and jeans. I do the girly thing... we all wanna look cute, but sometimes it hurts. That's why I cheat a little. ha!

THE TRUTH: I sneak flip flops whenever I can to help save my feet. I don't want to be in pain. I don't want jacked up feet one day... I want to look cute, but not that much. There is no chance that I could wear some of these shoes for 8 hours, or even 2 hours for other really painful pairs.

Coral ruffle cardigan = $30 The Limited,,, originally $50
Coral tank = $15 The Limited... originally $25
Black pleated skirt = $40 Zara
Rainbow flip flops = $50 Salty's Surfshop

so I had real shoes on for work, but I took them off. It's what I do. ha! The cardigan is a new fav of mine. I love the ruffles. It's one of the few I've found that the ruffles don't look silly. It's a different fabric so it adds some contrast... a little texture;) You know how I love texture... ha!

Photographer Nate claims he got his outfit (minus the shoes) at Kohl's for $30. I was like sesriously? I'm still not sure I believe him, but he swears. This is his sexy GQ pose just for you guys in the blog-osphere. I work with some great, hilarious guys. haha!


Romantic Lace in the Office

Lace is everywhere. Everywhere. I've been wanting to do something with lace for a while, but I look silly in bohemian sheek. I have a curvy figure it doesn't work well for me. I don't like the whole Victorian thing. I do preppy... especially for work. Lace and preppy? I found it!

Lace Eliza J dress = $74 Belk
Bow slingbacks == $70 Nordstrom

I LOVE this dress. It fits in a way that makes you look like you lost 5 pounds. I saw it a while ago, but I refused to pay full price. I prayed. I left... and when I came back it was there on sale 50% off. PERFECT!

Why does it make you look so good? It's got a fitted waste. The little bow belt makes your waste seem even smaller. The pleats hide the tummy issues. The little detailed lace on the shoulder hides arm issues. It's a great length for work.

It's sweet looking and the dark color is slimming. Finally found lace... ahh.


Secret to looking thin...

Got your attention, huh? My mom taught me this a long time ago... but the secret isn't necessarily being super skinny. The secret: clothes made with shape that hang as they are supposed to.
  • Coral Ellen Tracy sheath dress = $68 Belk
  • Tahiri tortoise shell heels = $30 Marshalls
This dress is sooo slimming because of the way it was constructed. It makes you look like you have a small waist and hides tummy issues. Look at the way it is put together. The lines and the placement of fabric at those angles helps to make the dress hang just right when it's actually on you. If you're trying to look skinny... find something with built in structure. No corsets needed when the fabric is shown with structure!!!


Mani Monday: Essie Mezmerise

I usually keep it safe with nails... feeling adventurous though so I went with something "different."

This color, Mezmerise is part of the Essie Spring 2011 line. It's bright, but not obnoxious. If you like the dark purples this is still within the range of depth those colors provide.

It's football season. I cheer for the Colts (even without Peyton), so it was a risk I felt safe taking in a football setting. Once I had the color on it really didn't seem so bright.

AND best part!!! I got it as a buy one get one free deal at Walgreens=) I wasn't sure about it at the store, but it was free so no harm if I hated it. Glad I took the risk!

It's not going to ever be one of those nails shades I go to constantly, but it's a nice changer-upper.


Quickie Eye Makeup Tutorial

  • The makeup line: Makeup by Sparkle
  • The colors: playboy, hussy and star quality
Getting ready to head out and I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on eye makeup. It's one of the hardest things for ladies. We all wanna do it right and its tricky.

The makeup is by one of my fav girls. She's local to Indy... so for you guys you can actually go to her shop in Broad Ripple and she will help ya pick stuff out. She's great. LOVE her. Her powders and stuff make your skin look flawless and feel soft.

On a side note: Don't laugh... I'm sporting my Gators tshirt. It's a Saturday during college football season... give me a break, ok! haha.  AND I haven't made my bed yet, which you can see in the background.


Cutouts... Not just for the 80s?

In 3rd grade I loved cutout shoulders. Yes. It's true. haha! I haven't worn them since. Cutouts came back, but I just could make myself do it. When I consider it, I just think of my school picture back then... and I stop myself. The yearbook isn't lying to me. However, I found something... cutout... and I bought it!
  • Coral ? cutout dress = $42 Marshalls
  • Tan faux wood heels = $50 DSW

The cutouts aren't on the shoulders... it adds something interesting to an otherwise sorta boring shaped dress. Plus it has short little sleeves. Love the exposed zipper. Ya can't sport cutouts every day, but once and a while something modest is good to bring you back to some happy childhood memories.


Summer's Best Dress for Fat Days

When it's hot... it's annoying to wear clothes! haha. The sticky feeling of your clothes attached to your body isn't cool, but it's not socially acceptable to run around naked. People would judge. ha! Not to mention I spend a fair amount of time finding "slimming" items. People don't really need to know whatcha working with! ;) The key to heat and clothes... loose, cotton that has a shape.

  • Green striped dress = $54
  • Tan Faux Wood Heels = $50 DSW

So when I actually left my house I put on some long gold necklaces. Looked cute. The shoes aren't really comfy, but... I mean really?! That's not a priority. You could pair it with flip flops for a beachy look. the great thing about this dress is it doesn't hug you too closely. The sweat is bad enough... ya know!? What makes it work is the waist. The elastic give you a shape so you don't just look like a blob. The cotton hangs... the ruffle is a nice flirty touch.

Karisma. Love it. She updates her a lot with all the new stuff. The nice thing is she gets some original things that you aren't just going to find everywhere. The dresses are particularly cute. AND if you aren't in Indy... she will ship it to you;) FYI: I'm not friends with the owner... just think she's got some cute stuff and like to support the small boutiques!


21 Days of Beauty from ULTA!!!

Steals... deals... and freebies! Oh yeah!!! Ulta is having a little special. The of what is on special and when is online. A couple different brands have specials each of the 21 days. Ya gotta check out what's there... a chance for a new eye shadow pallete with no guilt or that acne/ant-wrinkle stuff you've wanted, but didn't want to pay full price for and FREE stuff. It's all there!


Classic Shapes with Modern Touches

It's sorta Stepford wives, but its not and I love it. It's got the classic shape, but there is a touch of something sassy: leather. I love the idea of using very "preppy" pieces and adding elements of sass. It screams, "Dont mess with me. I look nice, but I can hold my own thank you very much!" hahah!
  • Blue Calvin Klein dress w/ leather accent = $42 TJ Maxx
  • Metal bow slide ons = $20 Ross

If I was really wanting to be sassy, I could have worn some leather cutout motorcycle gloves with lots of bangles and chunky earrings. My office is really conservative, so it was my little way to have fun. Plus, the dress has pockets... and that always means good things!


Mani Monday FAIL: Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud

I usually do good picking nail polishes... not this time. ha! Wowsers. I was told by someone it looked like I put whiteout on my nails. There isn't the normal shiny nail polish look to this.

So the color definitely covers. It's not tinted. It's solid for sure. There is a hint of lavender in it, but it's more cloud than lavender for sure.

It goes on well, but I took it off after like 20 minutes. No chance I was going out looking like I had whiteout on my nails.

Total FAIL. Boo. It wasn't too expensive... about $6 so oh well. If I could do it over I'd get a Blizzard from DQ instead. ha!

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