Faking Perfect Skin

I woke up with two HUGE zits. Talk about a major bummer. Over the years, I've really perfected the art of hiding these suckers. Here's what you need:

  • MAC Select Cover-up (pick a shade lighter than your skin color)
  • MAC Studio Fix

What I do is first prep the area with a little Visine to get the red out=) and then I put the concealer right on the top of the zit and blend out. Layer more on if you need... but you want the finished, non-powder look to look "perfect" and not dotty and obvious that you've put concealer on.

I like the liquid concealer because it doesn't look obvious and is easier to blend. The MAC version has been a long-time fav.

Hope this helps any of the rest of you that have to deal with these pesky guys too!


Outfit of the Day: Back to School...

Had to go back to high school for a story I'm working on. So... that meant I didn't need a suit to go chat with students for the afternoon... yay for dressing down during the work week!!!

  • Tunic = $40 Urban Outfitters
  • Knot necklace = $10 K&G Warehouse
  • Leggings = $20 Zara
  • Boots = $100 Belk
It was nice not to have to put on full makeup for the day... and to wear loose clothes. I wanted to be casual but not in jeans. Not that I'm at risk of looking like a student, but I can dream. haha!

Will def say... as fun as the teen years were, I'm glad I'm not there anymore.


Outfit of thet Day: Going Untucked. Ha!

It was one of those days... and I was not going to tuck my shirt in... so I didn't. Do you ever have those days... where despite your best effort you are just an absolute disaster of a mess? It's so frustrating.
Being lazy today... Blouse untucked

Once upon a time... I wore this blouse tucked-in!

Ruffle Blouse = $40 Zara
Random No-name Pants = $16 TJ Maxx
Platform Pumps = $60 Aldo

It's all about options... ya gotta go with your mood. So I posted pictures of this blouse both tucked-in and untucked. It has elastic at the waist and I never really thought I could do anything other than wear it untucked in a "put together" bohemian-esque way... until I saw it on a friend who had tucked in her elastic waisted shirt and it looked really cute and tailored.

I was feeling lazy though... so no tucking for me AND comfy pants please! This is a week where I honestly feel like the weekend can't come soon enough. Oh wait... I have to work both of my days off... tsk. At least they are shorter days=)

Gotta think positive!


No Makeup = No Bueno

It happened. I forgot my makeup. This sounds like no big deal... except my job as a news anchor sorta requires the powdery goodness.

Sweaty and panicked after running around for 45 minutes to get makeup and put it on for the show. YIKES!
Here's what happened. I realized at 3:15 that I had no makeup. The show starts LIVE at 4pm. Problemo. It takes me a solid 20 minutes to get home with no traffic... eeek. I then decided to run to the next exit over from where I work to go to a Beauty First and Marsh that I know is there.

What I Had:
  • 1 very old Mac Studio Fix compact (I had to dig a paperclip into this just to be able to use the powder because it had gotten all hard. no good)
What I Had to Buy:
  • $26 -- Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush in Mocha
  • $27 -- Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow in Brown Sugar (it was a trio of eye shadows... perfect for a quick fix)
  • $10 -- Covergirl LashBlast Volume in Very Black
  • $1 -- Wet n Wild Brow and eye liner in Mink Brown
  • $10 -- Jane Iredale Detail Brush
  • $10 -- Jane Iredale Eye Shader Brush
It stunk. Period. I bought only what I had to have... I put the blush on with my fingers. Just bad. Expensive lesson. I bought the Jane Iredale because I use the powder when I'm not at work... and figured I'd use it at home and will leave my work makeup at work from now on!!!

On a side note... the eye makeup blended very nicely and has a nice shimmer. The brushes were great!!! I know I love the Lash Blast mascara... it's by far the best thing out there for a waay better price than some really poshy stuff. So this little mistake turned into a sort of Christmas for Eva... new fun makeup. I'm trying to be positive.

Never again! Hopefully... unless this would work with shoes?! ha!

Wrinkles. Boo.

Made a little trip across town to talk skin this morning with an aesthetician. I've noticed that I'm not 20 anymore... my skin feels and looks more tired... and while my mother has AMAZING skin, I'm not so sure I got those genes. so... I wanna do what I can to take care of what I have now and hopefully ward off the aging as long as possible.

It was a good chat. I went to (for all the Indiana people) and talked with Susan. She didn't try to sell me on a bunch of products, but she did want to put me on a good skincare regime. I've never had a "real" routine before... so this is a start.  Susan is having me do an antioxidants and retinoid combo. She swears this is the combination she has seen the best results. Here's the plan:

  • Antioxidant: $107.38
  • Moisterizer/sunscreen - my normal stuff... $12.67
  • Eye cream: $59.40

  • Retinoid: $51.50
  • Eye Cream: $59.40
Now you can buy antioxidant serums and retinoids at your local drug store. She gave me samples of the ones I'm using for now to see what how it initially reacts with my skin. She says it takes 6 months to see full results so if I like them I'll have to buy the stuff.

Tip: She says of ALL the antioxidants out there Vitamin C seems to be the tried-and-true way to go... the one she has consisently seen the most results with. Vitamin C is the main antioxidant ingredient in the serum she gave me today.

I bought the Tretinoin Cream at the office today... it wasn't $51.50. It was $102.04 =(  I tell you that, not to look stupid... but so you know that you can order it online for a lot cheaper. Most of the places I linked to on the blog don't charge shipping either, so it's a much better deal.

I'm wondering what the difference is between the drugstore products and the expensive "prescription" stuff that is available for sale online... how much active ingredient is in the drug store version... gonna dig on this one. Will get back to you soon... my boss says he'll let me do a story for work on this for July=)

Either way... I'm gonna give it a go with what I have now... will report back soon. I also have a dermatologist visit coming up. Gotta do my yearly  mole check... and of course ask a gazillion questions there too about my skin and what's best to do. It'll be a second opinion of sorts... trying to figure out the cheapest way to do this stuff.


Outfit of the Day: Rollng up the Sleeves

Finding clothes for this in-between weather situation I find myself in sorta stinks. It's especially hard for non-work clothes because you never know how think of a shirt/sweater/jacket you should wear. 

I've been working A LOT... so that means there is a lot I have been putting off. That work has to be done... whether or not I want to it has to be done. ha! ughh... being a "grown up" isn't always fun. Time for "errands" and a lot of them...

  • Cotton Tee = $15 Zara
  • Leggings = $20 Zara
  • Flat Boots = $50 Cathy Jean

I needed to feel like I was in sweats, but still look presentable. I love the little rolled up sleeve detail on the top... really looks like I'm getting down to business and putting a little "elbow grease" in it! haha! I got the errands done... now it's back to getting ready for the work week...

Easter Nails: Essie Nice is Nice

Easter is about pastel colors, eggs, chocolate and Jesus (of course=)! I must have a Cadbury egg for Easter and something pastel... so this year I got a carmel/chocolate egg and Essie's  "Nice is Nice"... part of the French Affair line for this spring!

It's more "out there" than I normally do... but I know lavender is in this season, so I thought 'why not! It's Easter!'

It's brighter than it looks in the picture... but the color is true to the bottle. It's cute... not necessarily professional... but for a few days it will be okay=)

Excuse all the cuticle messiness... I haven't had time to go for a mani and I don't have cuticle cream or a cuticle cutter. Eeek! I will get to that in a couple weeks... busy busy for now.


Saturdays are for Shopping=)

Found a SALE!!! The Limited and The Loft both 40% off everything... new, clearance, EVERYTHING! whoop whoop! and I got some shoes... because I wanted them. ha!

Hope you guys find some great stuff... Easter weekend offers some good deals=)


"Shall We Dance?" Sally Hansen We Shall See...

Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure
"Shall We Dance"
 It's spring... allegedly. It doesn't feel warm outside. There are moments of spring-like temperatures that quickly leave us. It's a tease. It gives us hope and then winter returns. I decided to look to my nail polish for the week

I got a pretty purple/gray color I featured on the blog from Sally Hansen a while back. It was part of this line and didn't cheap or peel like some of the lower-end Sally Hansen line... so I thought I'd give this one a try too. It's Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure "Shall We Dance?" (160)

The goal: to find a sheer pink color that looks clean and professional. I usually like to go with a more "white" sheer, but saw a pink on a friend recently and decided I'd try that. LOVE it. It's girlie. My boyfriend says, "it looks natural, but better."

This is not a color that is going to bring a lot of attention to your nails, but it isn't going to create any distractions either... which is good when choosing a color for big work events. Especially when you're a 20-something... you don't want to seem to "juvenile" to your coworkers with bright crazy, fun nails.

Nails are meant to be fun... but there is a time and place for everything!


Rain, Rain Go Away... I'm Going to Look Cute When I Go Out To Play=)

When it rains, it pours... isn't that the saying. I feel like April is living up to its stereotype for all its showers... and that means I end up outside in the rain a lot.

  • Capelli Rainboots = $15 Marshalls
  • Marvin Wool coat = #30 Gabriel Brothers
I didn't list what I was wearing under the coat because the point of today's outfit is about being outside in the "elements." hehe.

These rainboots are awesome! They have grips on the soles that keep you from busting it when you're jumping through puddles... and they definitely keep you dry!!! Plus, I think they look spring-like... like Easter eggs... don't ya think? Anyhow, they make me happy... and I'm color coordinated for the rain.


A Masque For My Hair... smells like cake =) ohh la la!

The winter stinks for hair and skin... grr. I've been struggling all winter with dry skin and hair. I've never had problems with my hair before, so this is a new issue for me.

My fabulous hair stylist (Jason Hagemeier at Luxe Design Studio in Carmel, IN) put this fabulous smelling stuff on my hair... and it smelled sooo good that I just had to buy it. It's . It smelled like birthday cake=) It made me sooo hungry!!!

are all earth friendly and the company is all about leaving the world (including the people in it) a better place. Sorta gives you a warm fuzzy feeling... plus the cake smell helps make you happy. ha!

Damage = $28

Reward = Silky smooth hair

Good Purchase? Yes and no.

The tube says you can use it as a conditioner... just leave it in for a minute. I thought this did nothing for me. My normal conditioner does way better.

However, as a masque where you blow dry it into your hair... it's great! I'm planning to use it as a weekly masque. Perhaps my normal conditioner would do this too... but it doesn't smell like cake... and it does feel different in my hair even from the start.

It's worth it for the smell... but this isn't Jimmy Johns... smells aren't free.

Bordeaux Clothing: A Little Help Hidden Under Your Clothes

We as women are not made perfect. Hours in the gym cannot always eliminate the lumps and bumps that give us each our unique shape... nor do we really want all the junk in the trunk to go away;) but we don't want to look like an old pillow either.

I discovered a couple of years ago at a tiny boutique in a cute little town. I found this adorable dress with this hidden secret. There was a layer under it that I can best describe as semi-shape wear. It wasn't super tight, but it did smooth it all out. The little secret made the dress hang like it was supposed to... no matter what size the hanger.

Imagine my surprise to stumble upon this brand at TJ Maxx!!! Instead of $100+ it was $25=) SCORE!!!


  • Bordeaux Tunic = $25 TJ Maxx
  • Mossimo Leggings = $20 Target
  • Turquoise Flats = $10 Ross

This is a running errands kind of outfit... notice the flats. You could spice it up with big earrings and heels for a night out, but I had stuff to do... so flats it was. I used the flats and some little earrings as a way to insert some color into a very practical and comfort driven outfit.

The tunic has some bunching going on, so it hides  A LOT!!! def my new fav chubby-feeling day shirt. A little poochy tummy disappears under this top because of the way the fabric is drapped... PLUS the extra smoothing layer that is part of the tunic helps smooth out any unwanted extras that sneak their way out of the leggings.


Beauty Blowout Sale!!! OMG Must See!

I was making a little trip to Wally World when I saw a big yellow sign I couldn't ignore... around the country are having a blow out sale!!! (That's Trade Secret, Beauty Express, Pure Beauty, Beauty First stores). This is a national chain... ... and then go right away... it's not an endless supply. It's you against the next woman... so fight it out. j/k haha!

You can get everything you need beauty-wise in there... new hair tools (chi straight irons!), skin care, hair products and beauty supplies for CHEAP!!! Go NOW!!! There were OPI nail polishes... it was insane.

I'm working on a blog about skin care and moisterizers so I grabbed a couple expensive brands and scored a major deal! The Elizabeth Arden Prevage was $151.95, but I got it for $15... yes, for real. I also got a night cream... dermalogica ChromaWhite TR pure night for $37.50 when it was originally $75.00!

Go! ENJOY! SAVE!!! Stock up if you can afford it=)

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