Outfit of the Day: Shirt Dress for Work

Shirt dresses can be very casual or work appropriate depending on the material of the dress. They're great for comfy days at work... and great for a quick no fuss getting ready in the morning too!!!

We don't actually use tapes anymore for work... not sure what these are for. ha!

I  love the pockets and stitching on an otherwise very conservative dress. Plus, I'm a sucker for a puffy sleeve=)
  • Tahari dress = $60 TJ Maxx
  • Reversible Spanx tights = $10 TJ Maxx
  • Kristin Davis boots = $100 Belk

This dress in another fabric.. ie cotton... would be totally casual. However, since the material is a legit work appropriate type I think it makes it look more dressy and therefore, work ready. There is plenty of room in case of a big lunch... which makes this dress and easy throw on too! and no ironing!!! SCORE. I always rush on my way in... so this was perfect for me today.


Outfit of the Day: Macy's Sale

I'm trying to quit. Really... I am. I hopped into Macy's for a trivial think that I needed... and got lured in by their big sales going on right now. Dang the end of season deals!!! I had to look.

  • INC beaded top = $30 Macy's end of season sale buy!!!
  • Tahari suit pants = $20 TJ Maxx
  • Charles David pumps = $30 Kicks (shoe boutique in Columbia, SC)

This was a super rushed out the door look. The shirt with the beading gave me one thing to grab that accomplished two goals: putting clothes on my body and accessories to jazz it up too.The pants are part of a complete suit... but I like to separate things to get a couple different looks.

The shoes are a conservative winter pattern, but different that just a boring pump... especially with the laced up detailing... Love these guys. They are olive green, but I wear them as a neutral. I feel like you have to get creative with the neutrals because otherwise it can be really boring.

It's not the most trendy outfit, but it works for my conservative office. Paired with my little side knot hairdo... and I am was ready for work in 15 minutes flat!


Chunky jewelry and big hair

I wasn't planning on blogging this outfit... I was sorta lazy. black pants. black shirt... big necklace. A lot of people have asked me about the necklace... so... here we are.

I'm a newbie with accessories and since getting sucked in... I've gotten totally caught up. Where shoes usually are my statement item of choice... this time I decided to go with a big new necklace I bought over the weekend! I don't normally spend money on jewelry... unless it's real, but this time I figured it was like buying a new shirt.

Macy's President's weekend sale... Necklace = $25

The rain was rediculous Monday... caused a complete craziness for my hair. It has a bit of a natural wave in it... and for some reason decided it didn't want to be straight... so curly it was. Crazy frizz and wave led to the best hair day I've apparently had in quite some time.

Lesson today... don't fight your hair. If it wants to be curly... let it be curly. If it wants to be limp and straight... tease it and let it be straight.  Teasing is not an option. hahaa! Big hair is always needed. =D I can't help it... I'm from SC.

My hair doesn't appear to be cooperating much in general... so we'll see how many days I can wear it curly before it rebels. Next time it will never work to get this look again. oh well... such is life.


Outfit of the Day: Girls' Night Out=)

It's ladies night... love it! It was a weekend to celebrate girlfriends. I wanted something flirting and fun... and comfy. Since it was a ladies' weekend I wanted to wear something feminine... and so... here is what I found hiding in my closet=)

  • No name shirt = $12 TJ Maxx
  • Mossimo Jeggings = $20 Target
  • Rachel Roy booties = $50 Macy's
  • Chain necklaces = $10 Forever 21
  • Charm necklace = $5 Forever 21
The jeggings made me happy. I've been looking for pants like this for a while. These are higher waisted and stay well! I was at Target for cough medicine when I wandered past these... guys being sick sorta paid off?! hahaha

The top has a lot of flowing going on. It's loose. The key to making this work is to make sure you pick a top that hits you at a good place... if you like your legs... show them off. If you like your butt show that off. I liked my shoes. That is what I focused on... attention on flowing shirt... and then down on the shoes! hehe.

It was definitely comfortable. It was definitely girly... only problemo: cute shoes not always sweat free. I opted for no socks... bad plan. Next time, socks... or at least little stocking feet are a must.

Major Online Sale at The Limited!!! OMG=)

I got a text this morning from my good friend Evie... major sale at online. 40% off everything... PLUS she gave me a coupon code that takes an additional 20% off. Ya gotta use it! That's nearly 60% off for those of you that are mathematically challenged;) AND it's free shipping if you spend $75.

Promo Code to use: 664

I got 3 cardigans and 2 shirts. Major steal. I've been looking for cardigans... this is perfect. It's a good time to stock up on office essentials.

Hope ya'll enjoy as much as I did!!!


Ya Gotta Show Yourself Some Love!

As women we get busy sometimes... we have tough weeks... and we try too often to just keep going. All the great women in my life do this. Sometimes though... you gotta have a little fun, relax and just take care of you. Today was one of those days=)

One of my besties made a trip to town... and a manicure was in order. A manicure is a pretty cheap way to pamper yourself. It's $10... less in some places... and it does a world to make you feel better.

We were small children in the nail salon... giggling... cutting up... having fun. That's what girlfriends are for... right?! We couldn't decide what color... here were our options =)

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston
So I decided that even though it's nice today... there is snow in the forecast next week. I needed a spring color to make me happy. I decided to try out the new OPI Texas lineup. I went with OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston. Very bright! but it makes me smile. It's more of a coral color in person... but definitely has that florescent quality. I feel like a 12-year-old with bright nails... but sometimes that's fun. ha!

China Glaze VII 77007

My girl decided to go with a darker nail polish. She went with a plum shade that looks like it has a hint of chocolate. I like to describe me colors as food... ya know. Anyway... I LOVE this color. It's very practical. Not too dark, but still cute for work. I think it's hard to find a dark color that isn't too dark. Will keep this one in the file for another time for me too;)

My point... $10 and a little polish goes a long way. Don't forget to pamper yourself... at least a little bit. It doesn't have to cost a lot... but we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Life's too short. Smiling is too fun!


Outfit of the Day: Basking In The Sunlight

Chillier weather is starting to move in, but the sun is out!!! Therefore, we must continue to celebrate!!! I pulled out another fun warmer weather dress to play in today... trying to enjoy this weather while it lasts =)

  • Taylor dress = $37 Overstock.com
  • Stirrup leggings = $10 TJ Maxx
  • Platform pumps = $60 Aldo
This dress is super super comfy. I love this style for work. The braided neck makes a statement... so no jewelry is required. The skirt is a great conservative work pattern. I decided I would throw a little fun into the very preppy look with some stirrup leggings. I'm not 100% sold on them with the dress, but thought it would be fun for a Friday=D

Yay for the weekend!!!


Outifit of the Day: Celebrating Warmer Weather

It's been a terrible winter for just about everyone. The last couple of days it's been warm. I hesitated... afraid the weather was just teasing me for a day... but now that it's been warm a few days I decided I should celebrate a little. However, I hear snow is back in our forecast so it will be short-lived... I'm fighting Mother Nature... Stay AWAY!!!

  • Dress=$35 H&M
  • Leggings=$10 TJ Maxx
  • Boots=$80 Nine West
I bought this dress several weeks ago and have been praying that it would get warm so I could wear it=) Yay for a warm up!!! even if it is short=) It's super comfy, very soft fabric. The only issue with it is that the skirt is sorta shear. You can see straight through it even though there is a lining. I threw on a little slip under it and it was fine.

Still haven't hit the gym yet, so this is perfect for hiding a bit. I think it conceals the tummy and even the arms. The little sleeves drap nicely to make your arms little thinner... at least I think so;) it could all be in my head. haha!

Creating Drama... With Your Eyes ;)

I have gotten a lot of questions about this recently, so I decided to do a post. Eye makeup. This is how I do my make up when I want a very dramatic eye look...which is basically every day for work. ha! You can apply this same technique with less dramatic colors to create a more every day look.

Over time through work I've been lucky to work with some amazing makeup artists... professionals who have given me their little secrets and taught me how to get the look on my own. I've figured out ways to get the look I want... doing it the easy.. not perfect way.

First, let me say that most of us aren't professional makeup artists. While they can make you look perfect with no mess... I rarely can do that. TIP: apply eye makeup first... before anything else, so you can clean up the mess and not ruining the rest of your face and hardwork. This helps so much!!!

What I used in the video to get my look:
  • brown eyebrow filler (this is a cheapy kit that you can get at the drug store)
  • light brown eye liner pencil (also cheapy from the drug store)
  • MAC fluidline in Dipdown
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume
  • MAC select cover-up in NW20 
  • Mac eyeshadow in Brule (neutral)
  • MAC eyeshadow in Woodwinked (blender)
  • MAC eyeshadow in Folie (crease)
  • MAC eyeshadow in Shadowy Lady (drama in the corners)
so here is the deal. these colors work for me... they may not work for you. This how-to shows you how to make the look... I'd head to the makeup counter and pick the colors that are best for your skin and occasion. If you want really dramatic... go dark. If you want everyday... go natural. I'm hoping this shows you the concept that works to create the look. ***I will do another blog about colors for different skin types... so standby=)

I've written a step-by-step on how to make the dramatic eye. It's always easier when you see it done... so if you're confused by what I wrote... watch the video. I think in this situation it really helps. Good luck!!!

Step 1: Shade in your eyebrows with an eyeshadow or pencil. Don't go too dark, but you want them to look more defined.
Step 2: Put an all over neutral on your eyelid
Step 3: With your crease color, start in the outside corner and color in the area just above the crease. You should be able to feel the bone that is right there... that's how you know you're putting it in the right place.
Step 4: Use a lighter shade than your crease color to blend up the crease. Just put a little just above it and make sure it blends. This is one of the greatest tips I've ever been given. It's easiest if you get a shadow that has a little shimmer in it because it seems to blend better... just don't go too overboard. You only need a tiny bit of the shadow to blend.
Step 5: Take your dramatic dark eyeshadow and put it in the outside corner of your eye. Blend along the crease and up to even out... use your blending shade from earlier to blend if needed.
Step 6. Use concealer just a shade lighter than your skin... apply it under your eye to clean up any mess you made and hide any dark circles..

Step 7: Take your neutral shade and apply it right under the eyebrow to make it pop. Also put it in the inside and outside corners of your eye.

Step 8: Eyeliner. Use a darker shade on top and lighter on bottom. This prevents a raccoon eye.
Step 9: Curl your eyelashes.  Apply mascara

Hope you all enjoy it!


Shoes Make Everything Better

It's one of those days... I woke up in a foul mood. I'm irritated... so I went shopping with a girlfriend during lunch. I discovered Macy's is STILL having an amazing sale... and as I walked past the shoe aisle the most amazing pair of booties was flashing with blinking lights at me to come look=)

Rachel Roy booties $50 from Macy's!!!

I had to... no choice. These booties made my day! I had to try them on.  They are navy blue suede with black military detailing. sooo cute! The picture really doesn't do them justice. Originaly $160... I got them for $50!!!

I know winter is almost over... but there is for sure a few cold weeks left in the season and I will wear the heck out of them next year!!!

Bye, Bye Bad Day
My bad day disappeared. Nothing could make me upset now. I have cute shoes. Shoes make Eva happy. PS. major major sale still pending at Macy's... planning a return to the scene of the crime for tomorrow when I have more time;)

I found my happy... all is well in the world again. Order is restored!


Outfit of the Day: Closet Hodgepodge

When we first graduate college... many of us run out and buy suit jackets and suits because we feel like we need to look "professional" in our grown up jobs. Soon we learn that even in the most conservative offices that it is acceptable to look "in style."

So what do you do with all those granny suits you bought?! I was looking in my closet at all those old suits decided I needed to wear at least part of one today=)

Fox 59 Meteorologist Brian Wilkes let me hang out in his cave. He enjoys making fun of the blog. haha!

Yes... I bought bright colored suits. Several of them. They are not all bad... and this one actually has a very cute little skirt to go with it... but it is hard to make a red suit jacket and skirt look trendy.

A few "modern" trends can spice up the conservative look... and save some of those suits you bought starting out. It's definitely still conservative, but it doesn't scream as loudly that I bought this on a shopping trip in the grandma section.

  • Belted Calvin Klein Dress=$30 Marshalls
  • Tahari suit jacket=$50 TJ Maxx (this came as a whole suit!)
  • Leggings=$10 TJ Maxx
  • Boots=$80 Nine West

You could use a cardigan or a suit jacket to do this look. The suit jacket looks a little more business-like I think. Throwing the belt on the outside of the jacket and  using the pattern in the dress makes this usually very boring jacket look much more "with it."

Granted you're not breaking any new style records with this type of outfit... but it sure beats wearing a boring suit into work.


Calling all Ladies: FREE Blowout at Ulta!!!

Free Blowouts at Ulta per the .

I was scanning one of my fav fashion websites when I ran across a major score... and I had to share with all my friends. I mean... seriously. This is what Everyday Eva is all about... being fabulous on a budget. When you can do something to look fabulous for free... I mean... geez! That's a no brainer... right?!

Free Pampering... HELLO!!!
It's one of my least... absolute least favorite things to do. I hate blow drying my hair. I do it badly. I wash my hair at night and let it dry on its on to avoid having to deal with it. I would much rather someone else do this for me... and if I could afford it I would pay for this every day! But Wednesday and Thursday a professional will do it for FREE for anyone... but ya gotta make an appointment! that's easy, right?

Get on this!!! Phyto, along with Sedu styling tools, is giving out FREE blowouts... washing, drying and styling...OMG!!! at an starting Wednesday, February 16th from 3-8 pm... and then again on Thursday, February 17th from 1-4 pm.  It's being dubbed "Botanical Blowout Days!"

You get to check out their new Phytolisse Perfect Smoothing Collection that's supposed to be good for your hair and speed up the drying process (we all love how long this takes... ggrrrr)... so I'm super interested to see how much time these new goods take off getting the locks dry.

If you buy two Phyto products after you get your "hair did"... you will get some little freebies... a gift set of travel-sized Phytodefrissant Botanical Relaxing Balm and Phytolisse Serum. Good stuff.

Outfit of the Day: Night "Shift" Dress

I love a good shift dress. The problem with them though for girls like me... it hides some of my best features. I'm a curvy girl. The shift dress doesn't accentuate my waist... and if not worn correctly can end up looking like a bag. The trick I've learned is to make sure the dress is fitted in the chest area... and doesn't go to far from the body through the hips. You don't want the upside triangle look. Go with a shorter version if you love your legs... or if you're petite. It's a trend we can all pull off for the spring... no matter your shape!

  • Laundry by Shelli Segal dress = $30 Overstock
  • Spanx Reversible tights=$15 TJ Maxx
  • Vince Camuto booties=$70 little boutique store in  Five Points (Columbia, SC)
What I love about this dress is that it does allow you to hide a bit in it without drowning  you out. It's a great color and knit fabric that looks fresh no matter how long you've been at work. The buttons make it look a little more prim and proper... but not too stuffy.

I've had this dress a while now... and the little white part of the buttons popped off a couple. I ended up using super glue/rubber cement to reattach them and its been fine since. Made for a few awkward moments... but harmony is restored!


Outfit of the Day: Kickin' It

Still no time for the gym... so it's another lose babydoll-type dress for me!!!  I promise next week I will make more of an effort to do something less boring... but between exhaustion, a sinus/upper respiratory infection and over bleaching my teeth... this was the best I could do today.

  • No name dress=$10 TJ Maxx
  • Steve Madden booties=$15 DSW
  • Gold Earrings=deal from (my sis works there;)
  • Stirrup leggings=$10 Marshalls
By now you know my love affair with leggings. The babydoll dress lets me hide a bit since I've been MIA from the gym and not feeling so ready to be in anything figure hugging. I feel like heels always make you look thinner... so had to do that today... however, I wore fuzzy boots with this outfit when I went outside because it's still cold out here in the Midwest... booo! It's supposedly warming up. Thank goodness.

Next week I'm going to try to make some runway inspired office looks... just need sleep first. Geez... I def can't bounce back like I used to anymore.


Outfit of the Day: The Truth Revealed!!!

I still haven't gone to the gym... I'm so tired!!! So I needed a lose dress to hide in today. I love these baby dolls dresses, but you gotta make sure the fabric doesn't make you look wider than you are through the hips. Make sure the fabric hangs right. I feel like this pattern is distracting enough that you'd never notice my hips=)

  • London Times Dress=$30 Belk
  • Boots=$80 Nine West
  • Leggings=$10 TJ Maxx
  • Necklace=$5 Forever 21
This dress is super comfy and it did exactly what I wanted it to do... drap and cover! hehe. The boots make it a little sassy and the necklace was because I felt I needed it. I tried a few necklaces on, but you gotta be careful with the pattern not to over do it with jewelry... it can become too much.

Don't Feel Left Out Guys...
I think us ladies have it a little easier when it comes to clothes... sometimes. We have more options... and therefore, usually more opportunities for discounts. One of my male coworkers was pretty excited about the steal of a deal he got recently... so I thought I'd post it up on the blog to share for the men folk.

Kent has a prettty tough job at work... he has to do everything... he's one of the multimedia journalists at Fox59. That means he needs to look professional but still be able to get a little dirty. Kent got this suit jacket on clearance at Banana Republic!! He also apparently also got some great Italian shoes at DSW in Chicago recently. I told him that he had to let me know when he wore them and I'd post them on here too.

It made me smile that a guy would be excited about the deal he got on clothes... so thank ya Kent for that. Funny thing is... after Kent proudly announced his deal, so did a few other guys around the newsroom. The truth finally came out. Guys enjoy shopping when they get good deals, just as much as us ladies;)


Bright Colors Make Minds Happy?

A lot of us have been whining about it as of late... winter is getting old. The cold temps, the gray sky... it's a total boo every morning when you wake up to realize there is either snow or freezing weather to greet you.

OPI Big Apple Red
Last night I asked my man to help me pick out a nail polish color... he thinks I should wear something bright to lift my mood because of the weather. I guess it's like wishful thinking... on your nails! haha. So... can nail polish color cure the winter blahs... we're gonna find out. I decided to go with his choice.

The man chose a pretty bright one... OPI Big Apple Red. It's a classic bright red... an old standby. I love this color because it's a true red... reminds you of your crayola days in preschool red.

My nails were really sad looking so it was an emergency situation... again. Of course the only time I had to do any thing about them was right before bed... so I threw on a quick coat of the Sally Hansen Instant Dry (this stuff is like $4 and it saves me all the time... LOVE) and I was off to bed! I think I use it every time I polish my nails... even when I'm not in a hurry because it keeps you from messing them up... it's that quick dry!

Damage: $7 in a buy one, get on half off deals a while back
Reward: shiny red nails
Worth the purchase? I try not to have too many colors of polish taking up space in my cabinet, but I love this guy... keep on coming back to OPI Big Apple Red!


Outfit of the Day: Tired... But Gotta Work...

I'm straight up exhausted. The nonstop working schedule that is required for covering the Super Bowl has left me worn out. I wanted to wear comfy clothes to work... but leggings aren't really acceptable in the office. So I took the next best approach.

  • Design History cardigan=$20 TJ Maxx
  • Wayne Rogers top=$30 Steinmart
  • No-name Black Pants=$20 TJ Maxx
  • Chain necklace=$10 Forever 21 (got this guy years ago)
  • Belt=Stolen off a dress I have

The idea of today was to hide a bit. Covering sports is rough... they feed you a lot... and therefore you eat a lot of  food that's not good for you... at weird hours. I gotta hit the gym, but in the meantime, gotta hide the damage I did to my body. eeek!

I'm not sure I love where the pockets hit me with this cardigan... but it was so comfy that today I didn't care. The goal was to make the belt bring some attention to where I am smallest and hopefully with all the extra cloth... no one would notice the extra pounds I've packed on eating chicken tenders and hamburgers. I like the detail on the back of the cardigan a lot... makes it more special than just a black piece of cloth=) The bright shirt is also to be a distraction... pink always distracts me. Actually a lot of things distract me. ha!

So I'm back at the blogging. Will be regular again... next up. I gotta fix these nails... they are shameful.


Super Bowl Party Fun!!!

I've been a swamped little blogger this week... running around like a chicken with my head cut off. ha! Red carpets and big parties are a fashionista's dream... and I'm living the dream this week. I thought I'd share with you some of the fun that is Super Bowl parties.

I got a sneak peak inside the venue at the Sports Illustrated party before everyone got in. Check out where the stars were hanging out... and how much it costs for these swanky events.

Since this is Everyday Eva!!! I also found out how you can get into these hot ticket parties for FREE!!! oh yeah! So you don't have to be a super model to get in=) but you do have to be web savvy... which you  probably are if you're reading this blog;) Anyway, I know it doesn't do you much good this year... but next year you are going to wanna know this stuff!

The best part of working these events... they feed the media... at least snacks. SI did it right too... they had these awesome cupcakes and treats from . It's been voted one of the best bakeries in the country (and it's Ellen Degeneres' fav too=). The owner was FABULOUS!!! sooo cute... loved her... and she may have her own show soon... so remember her shop!!! I can't wait to say I ate one of her treats... well actually I ate a couple... well several=D

And of course everyone wants to see who is on the red carpet. These were snapped on an iPhone... while we were working the event. Mind you we were going live and had to turn a story about the party... so there aren't a lot, but I thought I'd share them with you guys.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics! I had tons of fun... this has been a fun trip. Reminds me how much I love my job!!! I'll try to take lots of pics at the actual Super Bowl game so everyone can see it all!

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