Shopping Adventures

I've got some down time before work gets crazy next week for the Super Bowl and that means SHOPPING!!! I love exploring boutiques in places that are new to me... today was a fun adventure;)

I've been looking for an awesome lady-like dress that isn't too girlie. I'm not really into the whole flower pattern thing. I found this awesome dress at a little boutique... south of the border at Velvet Oak for $68! It's more than I normally spend on random shopping, but the quality of it is amazing.

$68 at Velvet Oak Boutique

The A-line skirt is very cute and flattering. The zipper in the front zips down as far as you wanna take it, so it can be very sexy or conservative if needed... I'm a chicken and won't be revealing too much, but the option is there. The back on this dress is amazing. Plus, the zipper adds a bit of a fun edge to it.

Affordable Jewelry Goldmine!!!
I recently took a little trip to K&G Fashion Superstore with one of my besties. I've never been in before, but boy am I glad we went. The clothes were hit or miss, but the shoes and jewelry were insane. Such cute stuff for sooo cheap!!!

I got two necklaces that are both shockingly well made for what I paid for them! They were both $10!!! I later found the chain knot necklace at a department store for about $40... made me feel soo awesome that I got it for cheap;)

$10 each K&G Fashion Superstore

They had some cheapy shoes, but they also had Charles David, Nine West, BCBG and Carlos Santana to name a few shoe brands. I'm on shoe restriction, but I will be back once I'm off.

Ya gotta check it out. Boots under $100 and jewelry for less than $10... ya really can't beat that.


Outfit of the Day: Travel Clothes

My journey begins... I'm flying out of town tonight and need to be comfortable... so what do I wear?! My sweatpants... aka leggings!!! This is super comfy... lots of layers for the possible cold/hot planes. I'm ready to go!!! =D

  • Design History cardigan=$20 TJ Maxx
  • Karlie striped tank top=$20 Page 6 Boutique
  • Leggings=$10 Ann Taylor
  • Matisse over-the-knee boots=$120 DSW
  • Scarf-$10 TJ Maxx
The truth is I am wearing these slightly inconvenient boots because they won't fit in my suitcase. They will be a little of a pain at the airport, but I wanted to have them with me=D

My road to Dallas begins!!! I can't wait for the Super Bowl=) I promise lots of pictures. It will be hard work... but fabulous. soooo excited!!!

Perfect 10: Sally Hansen Commander in Chic!

In an attempt to embrace winter, while looking forward to spring... I went on the hunt for a good gray/purple polish. I've been dreaming about this. Since I couldn't sleep... my hunt began at Walgreens=)

Shockingly, I stumbled upon this beautiful color that fit the bill perfectly=) Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. After the first coat it's more lavender than gray, but two coats darkens it up to the perfect shade... exactly what I was looking for! I'm in love. The best thing about this color is that it's good for any skin tone!

The brush is a fat brush, but it's good. After the first nail I had it down. Plus, the bigger brush made it go more quickly. I followed it up with the Sally Hansen Instant Dry and was ready for bed in a snap;) That instant stuff really works... and it makes it shiny!!!

Damage: $7 at Walgreens
Reward: a perfect mani super quick =D
Good Purchase? Definitely. Just what I was looking for...

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!!


Outfit of the Day: Changes at Work... Stress-free Clothes Needed

Today is stressful. It started at 7am and it hasn't stopped. An early morning appointment, a Super Bowl meeting... a promotion shoot for the team going to Dallas... then work started. Today we got a new computer system. I don't do well with change... I like to ease into it. In the TV biz it's usually not possible.

I'm thankful that I wore a stretchy cotton dress today. I didn't get everything done that I need... I'm leaving for 2 weeks tomorrow afternoon and I still have laundry to do. Plus, I forgot something really important. I need to start using my Blackberry calendar or I need to just write it in my paper calendar... but I forgot. ughh. It's Wednesday.

  • Calvin Klein dress = $40 Marshalls
  • Platform Pumps = $40 Aldo
  • Pearls = $10 Forever 21
  • Cardigan = $15 Charlotte Russe
On a day like today... I'm thankful for this dress... it's easy to move in... easy to get around in... and it doesn't wrinkle. It's gonna be a long day. I don't even know my assignment for tonight yet.


Outfit of the Day: Lazy Day in the Closet

It's the dress I go to when all else fails. If I  run out of time... if I'm not in the mood to mess with it... I almost always grab a wrap dress. Today, actually doing the wrapping was too much... I went for a faux wrap. ha! I am not in the mood to think. Thinking is reserved for the hours I'm actually on the clock today... blah.

  • Maggy London faux wrap dress = $40 Nordstrom
  • Steve Madden snake print shoes = $20 Macy's
  • No name necklace = $10 K&G Fashion Superstore
The great thing about a wrap dress is it pretty much looks good on everyone. If God blessed you with more on top... add a tank underneath with a little shelf to add support; if you're bless on the bottom (like me)... find one with a little detail on the side and it masks sooo much!

This weekend I went into K&G for the first time in my life. I was so surprised at what cute jewelry and shoes were hiding in there!!! I bought another necklace when I got this one... both were $10. Plus, there were such cute shoes... boots under $100... I had to leave. I'm going on vacation soon... I needed to save my bank account from the damage that could have happened. I kept saying to myself... remember the vacation. haha!


Competitive Edge: Refinery 29 Hunt for the Next Style Blogger

So I got a little email about this competition... and decided 'what the heck?! why not?' I'm doing it. It's not like anything I ever imagined I would do... but here goes! I would love ya forever if you'd head over to the , find my pic and click on the little <3 to vote for my blog.

Confession: I have spending anxiety. HELP!

There are a few "events" that I have to go to for work coming up that require dressier clothing. I went shopping... but couldn't make up my mind (this is no surprise because I'm the least decisive shopper... ever). I decided to get your opinions on the matter=) Reason #4386 that I love blogging. So HELP! What do I wear?!

Option 1:
Gold Paisley dress from Faith Boutique @ Fashion Mall in Indy

 Option #2:

Black beaded dress from Faith Boutique @ Fashion Mall in Indy

Give me your honest opinions. If you don't love either one... just say. They are both beautiful dresses... just not sure how I feel about dropping the $$... but sometimes if you wanna buy nice things you have to. I have spending anxiety. ha! Guess that's better than spending with no remorse, right?


Outfit of the Day: More shopping... OMG!

I feel like all I do is shop. I'm not complaining... but it's sorta exhausting. ha! I need clothes for next week... and the time to get these said clothes is quickly ticking.

Gray wool sweater dress = $20 Marshalls
Leggings = $10 Marshalls
Green scarf =  $10 TJ Maxx
Over-the-knee Matisse boots = $120 DSW

These boots are super comfy. They have a small heel so it's easy to shop in these guys, but it def gives the outfit a cool look. It's freezing cold here today, so the wool was a must. I actually stayed pretty warm, even when I went outside!!!

I bought a dress... and some necklaces today so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Whoop whoop!


Outfit of the Day: Winter has some nice patterns

Well there is no escaping it... it's negative degrees here with the wind chill. It's definitely winter. I'm turning to my FAV winter combo to lift my mood today=)


  • houndstooth jacket = $40
  • London Times black dress = $30
  • Black tights = $10
  • suede booties = $13
  • Big awesome red bag = gift from Aunt Martha ;) LOVE ya!

So I think the black/white houndstooth is so winter. It makes me think snowflakes... and since we got a lot of them here in the Midwest yesterday... I have given up the fight and accepted that Spring is still two months away. Plus, I am going to Mexico in a week and then to Dallas... both warmer destinations. Whoop whoop!!!

St. Petersburgandy! I love this color polish. It's an which means its gonna have some staying power... just love it! It's a dark, deep red so I think it adds some drama to an otherwise colorless outfit!

Cost: about $7 on sale... it doesn't chip as quick... so sorta worth it.


Outfit of the Day: Rebelling Against the Snow...

Snow STINKS! I'm over it. The whole dressing for the weather thing... booo. Today I decided to wear a dress I wanted to wear... because I wanted to wear it.

  • Jacket (brand I can't figure out) = $40 Dillards on SALE 2 years ago
  • No-name cheapy Dress = $10 TJ Maxx
  • Platform heels = $40 Aldo on SALE last year
  • Black Spanx tights = $10 TJ Maxx
  • Gloves = $15 Macy's in NYC (emergency post-Christmas purchase)

I absolutely LOVE, Love, love this jacket. The way the waist is soo fitted and then the pleats... just  makes you look soo small waisted. The dress is the easiest way to pull this jacket off because of the little opening in the front, but you could do it with a tank and black pants too... or a super high-waisted skirt if you can pull that off.

I refuse to wear an absurd number of layers every day. I just brought a big jacket... and extra layers to wear for dealing with the snow. booo.


Outfit of the Day: I'm Freezing My Butt Off

With the looming snowmagedon in the Midwest... looking cute gets a little trickier. Maybe its the southerner in me... maybe it's because I'm a figure-conscious girl and layers always make me feel chubbier. I just know it's harder when you're trying to stay warm in arctic weather to look cute.

  • Jacket = $30 ON SALE
  • skirt = $50 ON SALE
  • Black tights = $10
  • Black boots = $100 ON SALE
  • Red top = $10

The jacket is corduroy and therefore warmer than just the average suit jacket. It's very structured, so I can still look professional at work. I love this skirt because of the back of it... that little detail makes it so fun and girly. Plus the tights help you keep warm... well warmer. Below 10 degrees is cold... no two ways about that! eek!

Truth Revealed!!!
Ultimately I will trade in my leather boots for my more warm snow shoes so I can venture out into the snow to tell the good people here in the Midwest it's gonna snow! haha=) At least my feet will be warm... and at least my shoes have a little fur. PS. I got them... at for $30!!! whoop whoop.


Outfit of the Day: I LOVE Sparkly Things

It's the wanna-be Miss America in me... I love things that glitter... diamonds, sequins, rhinestones... you name it. I found this sparkly shirt dress and have been dying to wear it. I waited exactly two days. ha!

Don't laugh at the pic... I'm at work... hanging with Manning and Brees. ha! Getting ready for the Super Bowl (even though the Colts are out... booo).

  • Sparkly Shirt dress = $40 TJ Maxx
  • Brown Leggings = $10 TJ Maxx
  • My FAV Brown Boots = $100 Belk (I know you're tired of seeing them... but they are comfortable and warm!)

Anyway, I almost wore this with tan flat boots... but I was chicken... so I didn't. Give me some credit!!! I wore a pattern... so I needed to be safe with my shoes. I can only do one thing out of my comfort zone at a time.

The whole 70's glam this is such a flattering look for so many body types. The little tie brings attention to the skinniest part of your body... and the loose fabric doesn't draw attention to the parts that aren't skinny. The sleeve has a bit of a puff going on that makes your shoulders look wider... and therefore waist look skinner!!! Plus... I think it makes your legs look thinner when the fabric flows.

I can't wait to do the high-waisted wide leg jeans. I'm going to steal an old-school pair from my mom's closet before I buy any for myself... LOVE my mom's vintage 70's!

Steal of a Deal!!!
The shirt dress was $39.99... but originally $129.99 (which was already discounted! whoop whoop!). It is oooh so comfy, but it wrinkles. EEEkkk! Oh well... its just the skirt part and its not tragic. The sleeve is sheer... which means I can wear it in the spring with no boots ;)

Tomorrow I promise to wear something from somewhere other than TJ Maxx. haha!


Outfit of the Day: Attempting Prim and Proper...

Inspiration for clothes comes from everywhere! I recently took on a blog challenge with ... and chose the lady-like fashions of the 50s as my trend to blog (the post is ). I love the structure of the 50's and the girlie details. So today I decided pearls were my go-to thing... I'm not sure I love the necklace, but it was cheap so...  Here goes nothing!

  • green dress = $40 SALE!!! 
  • brown tights = $10 at
  • brown buckle bootie = $60 at a boutique clearance in Columbia, SC (Five Points)
  • Faux pearl necklace = $8.80 at

 This dress is awesome! It's one of my favs because it's cotton and comfortable... do you see a theme developing. It doesn't wrinkle.

I had on gold earrings, but my trusty co-workers told me it was too much... so I ended up going with no earrings. The necklace is sooo much... you don't want to over-do it.

Lady-like With An Edge

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Resort 2011

 It’s not your grandmother’s skirt. The 1950’s silhouettes are making a huge comeback, but in a modern way.

Some of the most famous fashion icons of all time come from the 50’s. When you think feminine and sexy, you think of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. We can thank Dior for the original 50’s “New Look:” the fitted jacket and full length skirt. It showcased curves in a hottie tottie… super flattering way.

Blame the hit show Mad Men if you want, but the trend is back. Designers like Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton are now taking the shapes we know (and love!) and merging a rocker chic with them.

50’s style:
  • A-line or pencil skirt
  • Cinched waist
  • Fitted bodice
  • Fitted jacket
  • Pearls

Modern twists:
  • Extreme jewelry
  • Distressed finishes and fabrics
  • Leather detailing
  • Skirts either shorter or longer (think above the knee or maxi dress)
  • Belts
  • Rocker gloves
  • Puff sleeves

You don’t have to use every single modern twist listed to achieve this look… pick and choose… add your own.  Also, this 50s inspired look works on ANY budget. Here’s an example that was already in my closet:

  • dress =  $19
  • necklace = gift
  • belt = stolen from my mother's closet
  • leggings = $10
  • Kristin Davis boots = $100

The best part of all of this… you can  EAT in a 50’s silhouette!!! LOVE, Love, love!!! The A-line skirt will hide a big dinner and all anyone will ever notice is how tiny your waist looked! If you opt for the pasta dinner…don’t do it in the pencil version… no room to hide there. Ha!


Outfit of the Day: Shopping in Sweatpants;)

It's the go-to thing in my closet for comfort... Yes! Leggings!!! I needed to go do some shopping so I went to my fav black pair. Shopping is about being cute... but still comfy. Plus its Sunday... time to run some errands.

  •  Design History cardigan = $20 TJ Maxx
  • Gold charm necklace = $5 Forever 21
  • Multiple gold chain necklace =  less than $10 Forever 21... forever ago... haha
  • White long-sleeved t-shirt = $10 TJ Maxx
  • Black Leggings = $15 Ann Taylor last year post-Christmas clearance
  • Black platform heels = $60 Aldo

Beauty Products I'm Loving

It's winter. It's cold... that means bad things for my skin and me freezing my behind off. ha! There are a few things that I'm loving right now. I decided to share them all in one place with you=)

I blogged about this last week... I'm still in love with this. Everyone should try it!!!

It's buy one get one 50% off at !!! whoop whoop! PS. It's under $2 even not on sale... LOVE.

I'm still loving this... you gotta take care of your skin in the winter. Moisturize and exfoliate!!! This is $30 at Wally World!!! whoop whooop

  My lips love me for this... it doesn't smell all medicine-like... it's wonderful!!!

It's no mess... great coverage and good for your skin! The best part is there are a lot of colors so you should be able to match you skin color easily... even "ethnic" skin colors like mine!!! haha. Added bonus... it's SPF 20! whoop whoop=)


Outfit of the Day: Loving Leather

The Hollywood types keep doing it... wearing leather dresses... leather skirts and tops... It's allegedly a trend. I recently saw the pictures below on ... which happens to be one of my fav fashion mags

I was inspired.  In the very back of my closet is an old thrift store find leather skirt. I thought... why not pull it back out if leather is so in?!

  • Nude leather skirt = $10 thrift store find!!!
  • top = $35 on
  • Black Belt = Stolen off a dress from .
  • Zebra shoes = $60 from random store in NY
  • Nude tank = $5 from
So you'll notice I put a nude tank under the shirt. It's a little low cut for the office and I usually opt to not freak people out by showing them too much chest... playing it safe when it comes to these types of decisions is always good.ha!

When I put the skirt and shirt on I decided it was a little boring and need something exciting... I dug through the closet to find this best that I never actually wore with the dress it came with... and then decided to throw in the shoes. Now I'm not sure if this is a huge sin... since the skirt is nude and the shoes are black and gray... but I'm hoping the belt makes it work. Plus, the shoes are fun... so forgive me for wanting to wear them=)

Wet Cement? On your nails?
One of my fabulous co-workers (KRISTA!) had the coolest nail color on the other day... a light gray. I loved it! I wanted it... so I asked what it was and where I can get it!!! It's You only need one coat. I think it looks better lighter than dark.

PS. Right now it's buy one get one 50% off at !!! whoop whoop!

Overstock for Work Clothes = Happy Pocketbook

Okay... let's be honest. No one wants to spend a bunch of money on work clothes. It's such a pain. One of my favorite places to get work clothes is off of . I know... it seems crazy, but a lot of the clothes are easy finds in department stores... or brands in department stores that you are familiar with the sizing already.

Keeping It Under $40... For Real=)
This may seem crazy... but it's not. It is the benefit of of ordering cheap online. I bought 3 dress each for under $40!!! Whoop whoop for me! These are all department store labels too that usually cost a lot more... makes me so happy=) Plus the fabrics are good and comfy... perfect for work.

= $25.99

= $29.99



Outfit of the Day: Wrinkle-free is All Me!!!

You get ready... you get to work... and within an hour you are all wrinkled.  Your clothes that is. It's annoying. More than that... I absolutely despise ironing.

After a short time working, I discovered that I needed to look specifically for wrinkle-free work clothes. You don't think about this usually when you're shopping, but it makes all the difference in your presentation at work.


  • dress = $60
  • (my favorite) Brown Suede Kristin Davis Boots = $100 post-holidays sale at
  • Brown tights = $10

I love this dress. It's not too tight. It looks professional. AND IT DOESN'T WRINKLE!!! It's great if you have to travel because you can just fold it up in your suitcase. It's a stretchy cotton that let's you get it done at work... while looking cute when you need to.



Outfit of the Day: Suits Can Be Sassy

Suits are a necessary evil of growing up. You have to wear them. Some have to wear them every day... some just for job interviews, but you need a good suit. Everyone does.

The problem with suits is they can also make you look really boring and like your grandmother. Suiting options on a budget usually stink, but they don't have to... you just have to put more time into it... and shop post-season sales at good sassy stores.

  • Leather detailed suit = $80 for the WHOLE thing at post-holidays clearance sale 2 years ago
  • Red pointy shoes = gift
  • Red shirt = $10 at

I didn't do much jewelry with this because A) I work in a pretty conservative place and B) the leather detail adds a lot of excitement already. Plus I my super red shoes need to make a statement. Shouldn't all shoes say something... well maybe not my sneakers. ha!

This suit is awesome because it's a conservative color, but the detailing makes it more youthful... not so old lady. Plus the detail of the stitching and pleats makes this really slimming around the waste. I'm standing weird in the full shot... but it usually makes me look skinnier... maybe it's all the cheeseburgers I've been eating. Eeeek! Anyway, the goal is to find suits that can pass for conservative, but have fun details! If you're wearing a suit... you need to be taken seriously...


Outfit of the Day: Sometimes It's All About the Shoes

Who doesn't love shoes!? They fit even when nothing else does. Your foot size doesn't change much... and you don't feel fat when your shoes are tight. They're great!!! I have this pair of brown booties that I love, love, love... and I decided I wanted to wear them today. The outfit is an afterthought. ha!

  • brown buckle bootie = $60 at a boutique clearance in Columbia, SC (Five Points))
  • red dress = $50 at in Indianapolis, IN (Fashion Mall)
  • brown leggings = $10 at
  • Gold bracelet = $5 on clearance from
  • Gold hoop earrings = $15 at
So I love this Tulle brand for some cute, but not overly expensive work options that are young and fashionable. They have nice details. My dress today has a fun little puffed sleeve that makes it more interesting than just another boring work dress.

I didn't put a lot of jewelry on because I want people to see my fabulous shoes. I loves these! They are sooo comfy too. Still can't believe I found them on a random trip home. Total impulse buy, but I couldn't resist... EEEK!

Serious Talk... Too Short Isn't Professional
We've had this talk a lot at work... especially when interns come in. Let's refer back to the age old rule of fingertip length. If your skirt/dress doesn't go down to your fingertips, it's too short... even with leggings. Some offices are more conservative so if you look around and people are in knee length... don't rock the boat.

Work is work. You can look cute within the professional perimeters. If you choose to rock the mini... it only hurts you. People will not take you seriously because they can't see past all the leg you are showing. Wrong or right... you gotta play the game.

More than that... there are certain dresses I will wear with leggings, but wouldn't dare wear bare legged to the office. Lot of skin is distracting. You want people to notice you because you're fabulously brillant... not because of your legs.

Save the mini for a night out with the girls.


Outfit of the Day: My Struggle with Patterns

I have long been made fun of for it... I am afraid of patterns. This year I made a resolution to try harder... attempt to wear more things that aren't just solid colors... not sure it's going so well.

Solid colors are easy to throw together... patterns require some thought. You don't want to look obnoxious!!! I'm trying... even though some days I don't want to...

  • Patterned and belted dress = $30 from
  • Purple Apt. 9 ruffle sweater = $20 from
  • Black tights = $10
  • Black Cutout Booties = $15 (Such a steal!!! It makes me happy every time I wear them!)
So there is a lot going on in this outfit. The dress is a pattern. The sweater has black trim and a ruffled neck. What I think ties it all together is the black. Black in the dress... black on the sweater... black belt... and super cute black shoes. Feel free to tell me if I'm wrong... haha! It won't hurt my feelings.

When I doubt myself... I always try to wear cute shoes. I feel like any mistake you make in the outfit is redeemed by the shoes. ha! And these shoes are FABULOUS! There were a steal... but they are also adorable suede and super comfy (SHOCKING... I know!).  Best part... under $15!!! I know I already told you that... but REALLY... that's nuts!

Guess what?! I think this sorta counts as a pattern too. Right?

Being Fabulous Means Being Smart

I am so blessed to have amazing friends... who are fabulous women ;) My girlfriends are planning a long weekend this year... looks to be in the fall... and that means its time to start saving money for it now!

Money, Money, Money!
It's one of the most stressful things in our lives... and it also allows us to have a lot of fun... but you have to be smart about it. I recently started using an online money manager... . It's amazing and it's FREE!!! It lets you see what you're spending and how much of your income is going where... all in awesome charts!

The best part... you set a monthly budget and can get updates sent to your email/phone when you begin to creep close to your targets. Green means you are doing good... under your budget. Yellow means you are getting close. Red... quite obviously means you've gone over!!! EEEK!

I love this!!! You can set up your categories. It dumps all your account info for you... so no hours spent putting in spending info (no more old school check book register!!!)

Why this is awesome?! First, it shows you what you're spending in an easy to see way. It also shows you your budget and where you are in your budget! Best of all, it makes it clear where you can improve and save. Numbers don't lie... even if we want to believe they do. Plus, it's all at our fingertips!!! Droid and iPhone users can download free apps... so no excuses anymore for overspending.

McD's is Breaking My Bank!!!

For me the issue has been food. I eat out entirely too much. I never realized how much I spent there until I saw the chart on Mint. I was grossed out by it. Being fabulous means spending your money on things that matter... and taking care of yourself. I'm still giving myself a restaurant budget... eating out is part of being social... but I'm limiting it to a couple times a week.

With the money I'm saving on food I'm paying myself. The money is going into a jar for my girls trip. Not only will I have fun... but hopefully I'll be thinner for it! hahaha!!!

Getting Ahead... Finally...
I'm making a commitment this year to saving. It was one of my new year's resolutions. While I'm saving up for my girls' weekend... I also want a new computer. I'm putting money aside each paycheck for those things... AND building up my rainy day fund for the things that really stink (like tires, oil changes, hitting a deer on I-77.)  I'm not putting a lot in each jar... but every little bit adds up!!!


Put to the Test: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

Beauty treatments are so expensive. Even the tools you use for at-home can get costly. It's obnoxious. I've been hearing about the Skin care brush. At it's between $150 and $200!!! That's crazy.  It just seems too much to spend on a little brush... at least to me.

Thankfully I got a tip. My mother bought the . It's appears to be a very similar brush system... and she said it was awesome. It's $30 so I thought... while it's pricier than I usually like to risk... might as well try it, right? I loved it.

Now I didn't fall in love the very first day. Honestly, it wasn't until the second time I used it that I really thought it made a big difference. My skin was smooth... it felt soft... and there was even a slight glow=)

How it works: You put a small amount of the cleansing gel that comes with it all over your face. Then turn the brush on and massage the gel on your face. The brush has two speeds (I liked the faster one best). It's simple! You can use it every day if you like... I've been doing every other.

Much better than the $200 systems... and all the same results!!! Thanks Mom=)

Outfit of the Day: Wrap It Up

I love wrap dresses. They pretty much look good on everyone... no mater what size or shape you are. For a short time I was obsessed and every dress I bought was a wrap... then I realized I needed other clothes too. ha! Point being, they make you look skinny, yet curvy... and def very put together.

  • Burgandy Dress = $20 from over a year ago
  • Black Boots = about $100 on sale two years ago
  • Big fun earrings = clearance sale from

The great thing about this dress is the fabric hangs so nicely. It has a great little puffed shoulder detail and the entire arm. I think it makes a normal, boring wrap dress a little more interesting. Plus, it doesn't wrinkle... which is awesome for a long day at work!!!


Facing Reality: At Home Skin Therapy

It's cold outside! At least it is here... and when that happens my skin gets really dry and looks terribly tired. My mom taught me this cheap and easy way to give your face a pick-me-up that works like a charm!!! If I could afford to go to the spa once a week... I would, but I'm supposed to be trying to save... tsk tsk.

My mother has THE best skin. She looks like she is in her early 30s and she def isn't. It's worked for her... so I'm gonna try and hope it works for me too!

Spa Results... Right at Home
Okay so you're dying to know, right? First you need to get some supplies.  The good news: this is only gonna cost you about $5 of investment for many, many facials.

What you need:
Ponds Cold Cream
Facial towel

Step 1: I like to wash my face before I do this. Then, massage Ponds Cold Cream onto your face. I've included a little picture to show you how to do this. You want to massage your face in the directions showed on the diagram. Do this for about 5 minutes... or less if you get bored. ha!

Step 2: Use tissues (or toilet paper if you're cheap like me) to wipe the cold cream off.

Step 3: Put a face towel... not the small hand sized ones, but the slightly bigger ones... in warm water. ***Don't burn yourself. You want the towel to be really warm, but not scalding hot... so don't heat it up too much. You need to be able to touch it without burning yourself. (You can burn yourself... so be careful of how hot the towel is... and be careful touching it... let it cool down if you need to! ) Put towel on your face until it cools off. (I like to use two so I can cover my neck too) Repeat this step a few times if you'd like.

Step 4: Splash your face with cold water.

Step 5: Time for moisturizer!!!

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have. I try to do it once a week... it makes your makeup go on so much smoother! Love this!!!


Outfit of the Day: Structured Comfort = Good Function

  • dress =  $19 steal last year
  • Faux gold necklace = gift from roomie from
  • Vintage belt = left from the 70's... stolen from my mother's closet
  • Brown leggings = $10
  • Kristin Davis Suede boots = about $100 at end of season sale last year

So this Ellen Tracy dress is awesome because it has a lot of structure to it... and it's cotton!!! It's awesome. It doesn't wrinkle. It's super comfortable.

You can't see the detail of the neck and sleeves in the picture, but it's pleated around the neck and elbows making it more structural and interesting (especially for a solid color).

Long Hours... Comfort Needed
When you're at work... some days its bad enough to just be there (even if you love your job like me!). I've gotten to the point that I touch clothes and determine how I feel about the fabric before I ever put them on. They have to pass the "will this suck on a 12 hour day" test.

You can look cute without having to torture yourself at the office. If you're tugging on your clothes all day... fixing yourself... you def aren't getting ahead and you're probably not doing such a good job because you're distracted. There is enough cute, functional, professional things out there that you shouldn't have to be miserable in your clothes.

What do you do with those really cute clothes that are tough to wear? I'm at a point where I save those uncomfortable clothes for a night out with my girls;) or at least happy hour. hehe!

Outfit of the Day: Back to the Real World

I've been on vacay... but today I had to go back to work. Mondays are always sorta rough... this one was no better. It's post holidays. We've all eaten too much... haven't really started the workouts yet (and if you have... you aren't seeing the results this soon in). UGHHH! What to wear?!

  • London Times dress = $25.99 on
  • Faux pearl necklace = under $10  at years ago
  • Red bag = gift for Christmas =)
  • Black tights = $10 at (these not only suck you and are slimming... but reversible too!!! brown on one side... black on the other. absolutely LOVE!!!)

The great thing about this dress are the pleats in the front hide any belly bulge you may be feeling from over-eating thru the holidays (thank goodness!)

I'm not a big animal print person... but I'm trying to do patterns in the new year. I was worried it looked too cougar... but figured for work it'd be ok. Your opinions?


Your OWN Personal Boutique

You can have your very own shopping website!!! whoop whoop! I just discovered this... and I love it. It has that sorta Facebook syndrome to it... when you first start it you're addicted thing. Get !

Here's what you have to do... you take a quick survey of what you like and don't. Then they put together your boutique and give you suggestions of other "famous" boutiques that it's likely you'd enjoy. The picture to the left.. is one I stole from the on the site.

This is so fun! It's a way for you to find outfit ideas that are specific to your likings. LOVE this!!!

This Year I Will...
Every year we all do it. It's a new year... it's time to make some resolutions for change. This year I'm choosing to try to do things that I think I can actually accomplish. ha!

I think the following things are all worth us resolving to do:
  1. Take your makeup off every night... no matter what=)
  2. Sunscreen! Hat! This is the year to take care of your skin!!!
  3. Read more.
  4. Take a trip with your girlfriends.
  5. And of course... exercise. Not everyday... but let's shoot for 3 times a week.

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