Time to Fight Back... From Germs

No question... its that time of year. You may remember I spent the greater part of a week knocked on my butt sick with stupid cold, sinus, tonsil issues. I still have some gunk in my throat. Now, my office is rampant with germs. Lots of people are sick... and they are all around me. AND they are all coughing, sneezing and snotting. Aggghhhh!

I love my coworkers, but I don't want their germs... more importantly, I don't want to be sick again. I have a very nice Christmas/New Years vacay planned and that means I can't afford to be out sick and keep my vacay in tact.

So... I went shopping...

One of the wonderful ladies I work with gave me this advice. Note: I am not a doctor. She is not a doctor. This is just stuff people say works to fight off sickness. This comes from no scientific evidence. I am simply desperate not to get sick.

I ran out and bought an arsenal of supplies... which surely cost me less than the last time I was sick cost me so if it works... it's worth it. Her trick is every 3 or so hours you take:
  • 1 Airborne
  • 3 Echinacea
  • 2 Garlic
  • 2 Cayenne
  • 2 Zinc
I've added to the mix...
  • Celestial echinacea Complete herbal tea that has echinacea (obviously), vitamin C and zinc in it as well. I pour in a little locally grown honey to help with any allergies to make a very nice tea.
  • Clorox wipes... must have.
  • Ricola dual action drops... helps with the sore throat and the cough. They don't taste that great, but they work wonders.
  • Cold Eeze drops... I hope this is not zinc overload. I am desperate.
Funny story: so when I ran out to get the list of ingredients my coworker says is part of her arsenal, I accidentally bought curcumin instead of cayenne. I thought... for sure this will work. It's supposed to help immune health... blah blah. No bueno. I burped shortly after taking the curcumin... it tasted like Indian food... which I normally really like, but not in a burp unexpectedly. hahaha! made me laugh. =P

Also maybe funny: I think I smell... so I've been spraying lots of perfume. That's a lot of stinky pills mixed together, so if you smell me... I am sorry. It's not my fault. I dont' want to get sick.

Comment below... share your best way to fight off sickness and stay healthy. I'm game for just about anything as you can see...


Anonymous said...

Probiotics Eva! And elderberry extract!


Go to a health food store and get Bragg's raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Mix 2 tablespoons with 8 oz of water a few times/day. Also try crushing raw garlic and take it like a vitamin- whole while chugging orange juice. When I do this its like taking natural antibiotics- kicks whatever I have right back down.

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