Shopping Spree... Yes, Please!

I like shopping. I would like shopping more if I didn't have to pay for it! haha! Wouldn't we all?! Got a little info about a chance to win a shopping spree... thought I'd share it with you all=)

McAuley's... it's in Anderson, SC... convienently on my way home to SC (depending on which way I go). All ya gotta do is like their and you get a chance to win $300. Now for my non-SC gals... you can shop  too. So... no matter where you are... you can enter and be able to shop and win $$$.

It's not super cheap, but it's not super expensive either. The wonderful nature of a boutique like this... original pieces that are a bit of splurge (maybe), but not gonna totally break your bank.

I scrolled through their online store... I want these furry vests.

I'm just not sure if they would look right on me... I keep trying them on and walking away. I think it'd be a good leggings outfit. We'll see... maybe Santa will bring me one=) I love Santa... prob always will. =)


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