NBA Preseason (Go Pacers!), Old Ladies and Roller Derby

Monday was busy. So this is my weekend round-up. Haha!

Let's Go Pacers!!!
People that know me well know I love, LOVE sports. This year I am adding NBA emcee to my list of extracurricular activities!!! I'm gonna be working some of the Pacers games and am soooo excited!

My excitement is two-fold. The Pacers look to be pretty good this year... I'm hopeful they will make a playoff run once again. And it's fun! So come see them play and say hi to me at games! I will be tweeting away there so look for the fun!

We Are Those Old Ladies...
After my first Pacers game... I went and met up with my friends for some holiday fun. We went to our good friends little niece's house for a festive gathering. The niece is in college... And she had quite a spread of treats.

But the real treat was some young guy who played NKOTB on the iPod. He thought it was something we would like! Hahaha! We cleared the living room and danced it up like teens again! Then we realized it. We are now old ladies... we listen to music that college kids think of as "retro." Wow. haha. Oh well, it was fun!

Yes... these are all pics of us dancing to Hangin Tough... NKOTB circa undisclosed grade;)
Girl Fight!
Saturday night was all about doing something different! We checked out the Indy Roller Girls... Indy kicked butt! Like crazy.

We found Santa was even there!!! Guess the Indy Roller Girls have been nice!
Executive Producer Olivia and fellow reporter KJ with the roller derby going on behind us=)
Less than a week till Christmas... Shopping is done! Waiting to wrap on Christmas Eve... Family tradition;)


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