It Always Happens on Vacay... Tsk.

I've been on vacay for a week... but it seems one part of my time off decided to stay with me. Never fails. You go on vacation... and you get sick.

I almost always get the winter jinx at least once... granted this one was pre-winter by just a few days.  You know what I'm talking about... out for a week, miserable, sick, nose drip everywhere, throat sore, body hurts, you'd rather just sleep.

Maybe it's just me, but I start to get impatient about day 2 of my misery. Then it's a trip to the closest drug store for everything cold related you can buy... all in hopes of something making it go away! haha. =( Probably not smart... but my head is too heavy to think right now!

I've restrained from buying the entire CVS this time. Instead, I'm eating ice cream bars. The nice cool ice cream feels good on my throat. I am on vacation... gotta enjoy something, right?!

Now it's back to work... trying to not be sick. Positive thoughts! Apparently everyone is getting sick... lots of people have called out. If you have any cold remedies that work, send them in to help us all!!!


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