Hackers Trying to Steal Christmas! What to Watch out For...

Hackers! Boo. They're apparently targeting people buying airline tickets... sorta rolling the dice that you're expecting a confirmation and hoping you make the mistake and click on the phony ticket and BAM! you're infected. Computer virus... whomp whomp.

The email comes as a confirmation... the virus is the attached "ticket." Don't open it!!!
Delta and American Airlines both have been used as covers for this scam... I put a copy of the ticket we used for my story above. ***Side note: 231.98 is a pretty decent deal on a flight=)

Basically, use some common sense. Read the email... check the destination... do you even have a flight booked on that airline? Free is relatively a myth these days... so don't assume you just magically got a free ticket.

WARNING Re: Facebook Ads
While I was interviewing our computer expert, he told me that another big source for viruses on computers right now is Facebook. We all saw the graphic, adult photos that were viruses... but this time it's not what's on your newsfeed that you should be worried about. Apparently the hackers are using fake Facebook ads for phony discount shopping.

Such a dirty thing to do this time of year when people are looking to save... so beware that not all discount stores in ads are real... and be safe by doing a quick Google search to make sure what you're about to click on is a real shopping site and not a virus.


Anonymous said...

Scam's are happening everyday, people need know what types of information to disclose: I was just the other asked to update my pay pal account. I don't even have one!


Thanks for the heads up, E! :)


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