Confessions of a News Reporter... AND the Giveaway Winner!!!

yes... it's that time again! yes... I skipped a week... I know. Bad blogger.

I confess...
  • I watched the Congressional testimony of Supreme Court justices Scalia and Breyer in front of the Senate Judiciary committee on CSPAN... for fun. Hours of it. Scalia is a funny man. What can I say?! I wasn't sick at that point either yet! #NerdAlert.
  • I let my dog poop on the deck because I'm sick and I didn't want to climb down the stairs to take her out.  It was cold outside.
  • My boyfriend wondered why my dog pooped on the deck. He cleaned it up.
  • I don't always wash grapes before I eat them. I know I should. I'm impatient.
  • I leave cough drop wrappers everywhere. In my purse. On the table. Next to the couch. It's my way to see how long and how sick I am. It's become too much, but I don't wanna pick them up yet because I'm still sick...
  • I'm rotating between York peppermint patties and Mounds chocolate bars. Eating in moderation flies out the window if you're sick=)

Okay so there were a lot of comments on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Tshirt giveaway... I took pictures as proof it was in fact totally random...

I scrolled. Kappi, my coworker told me when to stop and pointed. YAY!

The winner is (drumroll please!)... AliciaBlanche!!! Please shoot me and email at eva.pilgrim@hotmail.com so I can get you the shirt!!! yay!!!

Congrats and here is to hoping this week I finally shake this cold!!!


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