Lessons from an Elementary School Student

I met what has to be one of the coolest elementary school students in the world MCing the Philanthropy Awards dinner tonight. Her name... Abby. Tonight she was honored with the Youth Philanthropist award and her speech was brilliant AND funny.

Abby started a program at her school where the students get to wear hats on Friday, but they have to pay a quarter to do it. That money goes to the kids at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. She's done so many projects since then... and she tells me she's got something up her sleeve soon.

Def makes you feel like you should do more... A good reminder as we head into the holiday season to remember those who are suffering this year and make an effort to do more.


Anonymous said...

Their is brilliance in every child. Charity isn't a harsh word to use, but it should be defined as business development instead of charity because it allowed the meeting of new people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping make her night so awesome, Eva. Sorry about the blurry pic too, underperformed. Btw, she was back in soccer sweats, flip flops, and a hoddie today... Again, thank you for spending time with Abby. We'll hopefully see you soon.

Abby's Dad


Abby's dad!!! We will blame the iphone for the blurry pic=) it was so cool to meet her... everyone I've seen from that night talks about her. such an impression she made on everyone! You should be incredibly proud of her. Amazing girl!

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