Get Your Grub On=)

Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting holidays for me... I'm a Pilgrim. Come on! Today the Pacers were dishing it out to help those in need. LOTS of people came out to get their grub on... the food smelled delish (I didn't sample it... that's not sanitary!!!). I was on yam duty... until I got bumped to ham.

All around AMAZING time... great people... great fun... great food. It's Thanksgiving! While you're busy chowing down... don't forget about those who aren't as fortunate as you... We all have a lot to be thankful for this year=)

Tamika Catchings with Fever on the end... Former Pacer Austin Croshere is the tall guy.
Asst Coach Dan Burke and Quinn Buckner (former IU/Pacers... current color analyst for Pacers!)
Fox 59 crew:  Jenny Anchondo and Edward Moody!
Asst Coach Dan Burke
Freddy Fever!!! whoop whoop!
Pacers Coach Frank Vogel and Fox 59 pal Jenny Anchondo =)


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