Confessions of a News Reporter...

Father... I have sinned. 1. I've not blogged in a long time. I won't make excuses... 2. I stole this idea from dozens of other blogs I like. It's a good idea though!!! I feel like it's a good recap of the week... and will allow me to shed some light on my true crazy=) So into the confessional I go!
I confess...
  • I've been eating 4 pieces of Dove dark chocolate every morning... before I get out of bed. It's my reward for getting my butt moving and heading to work. 
  • I had a bad day at work this week... so I ate a whole jar of Wickles at my desk... then went to the store and bought more. 
  • Blew the budget... Despite what I try to tell myself, it's not the eating out that's the problem... it's the shopping. I've been having a rough week... I allowed myself internet retail therapy. If you'd like to participate too... check out in SC (look at the albums on their Facebook page.. so cute... dang it! and they will ship it to you;) Go ahead... being bad feels better when you do it with others.
  • There is a zit on my nose... almost in my nostril... that I keep picking at. I don't know why... I keep picking. It hurts. Last night I picked it until it bled. Gross. I know better.
  • My car is making weird noises. I know I should take it in... but I don't want to. I'd rather go shopping and pretend it's not happening.
So here is to a peaceful, easy weekend!!! Dear Jesus, I need it. 



OMG! That was too funny. A cup of coffee and a good laugh just made my morning! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to know you got through that bad day at work, you do know you're sunshine even in the rain! Hope your day has been a pleasant one, have a wonderful evening.

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