Food Problem... But It's Not My Fault

I'm trying. Really trying to eat healthy. I'm training for a marathon... still dreaming of being in the best shape possible for the next triathlon season. BUT I can't! Why?!!! Because of work. Yummy treats everywhere... and you can only go so long before the yummy smell and delish goodness makes you give in.

The problem... below are pictures of just ONE, a single day at work... all the same day and the hurdles I have to overcome. Note: I did not overcome. I ate it all... and it was wonderful.

Alcohol-infused cupcakes: (from left to right) Jack and Coke, Spiked Arnold Palmer, Mojito, Blue Moon! All amazing, delish treats from

Angry Bird cupcakes: I needed the ring. Chocolate and vanilla with buttercream icing. YUM!


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