Summer's Best Dress for Fat Days

When it's hot... it's annoying to wear clothes! haha. The sticky feeling of your clothes attached to your body isn't cool, but it's not socially acceptable to run around naked. People would judge. ha! Not to mention I spend a fair amount of time finding "slimming" items. People don't really need to know whatcha working with! ;) The key to heat and clothes... loose, cotton that has a shape.

  • Green striped dress = $54
  • Tan Faux Wood Heels = $50 DSW

So when I actually left my house I put on some long gold necklaces. Looked cute. The shoes aren't really comfy, but... I mean really?! That's not a priority. You could pair it with flip flops for a beachy look. the great thing about this dress is it doesn't hug you too closely. The sweat is bad enough... ya know!? What makes it work is the waist. The elastic give you a shape so you don't just look like a blob. The cotton hangs... the ruffle is a nice flirty touch.

Karisma. Love it. She updates her a lot with all the new stuff. The nice thing is she gets some original things that you aren't just going to find everywhere. The dresses are particularly cute. AND if you aren't in Indy... she will ship it to you;) FYI: I'm not friends with the owner... just think she's got some cute stuff and like to support the small boutiques!


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