Secret to looking thin...

Got your attention, huh? My mom taught me this a long time ago... but the secret isn't necessarily being super skinny. The secret: clothes made with shape that hang as they are supposed to.

  • Coral Ellen Tracy sheath dress = $68 Belk
  • Tahiri tortoise shell heels = $30 Marshalls
This dress is sooo slimming because of the way it was constructed. It makes you look like you have a small waist and hides tummy issues. Look at the way it is put together. The lines and the placement of fabric at those angles helps to make the dress hang just right when it's actually on you. If you're trying to look skinny... find something with built in structure. No corsets needed when the fabric is shown with structure!!!



it definitely works! your waist looks super thin! and you look great!

<3 Vega

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