Romantic Lace in the Office

Lace is everywhere. Everywhere. I've been wanting to do something with lace for a while, but I look silly in bohemian sheek. I have a curvy figure it doesn't work well for me. I don't like the whole Victorian thing. I do preppy... especially for work. Lace and preppy? I found it!

Lace Eliza J dress = $74 Belk
Bow slingbacks == $70 Nordstrom

I LOVE this dress. It fits in a way that makes you look like you lost 5 pounds. I saw it a while ago, but I refused to pay full price. I prayed. I left... and when I came back it was there on sale 50% off. PERFECT!

Why does it make you look so good? It's got a fitted waste. The little bow belt makes your waste seem even smaller. The pleats hide the tummy issues. The little detailed lace on the shoulder hides arm issues. It's a great length for work.

It's sweet looking and the dark color is slimming. Finally found lace... ahh.



This IS a gorgeous dress. And even if you threw a blazer, cardigan, or leather jacket over it, it would still be a stand-out!

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