Quickie Eye Makeup Tutorial

  • The makeup line: Makeup by Sparkle
  • The colors: playboy, hussy and star quality
Getting ready to head out and I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on eye makeup. It's one of the hardest things for ladies. We all wanna do it right and its tricky.

The makeup is by one of my fav girls. She's local to Indy... so for you guys you can actually go to her shop in Broad Ripple and she will help ya pick stuff out. She's great. LOVE her. Her powders and stuff make your skin look flawless and feel soft.

On a side note: Don't laugh... I'm sporting my Gators tshirt. It's a Saturday during college football season... give me a break, ok! haha.  AND I haven't made my bed yet, which you can see in the background.



Thanks for making things easy for us "no idea what I'm doing" girls! :)

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