Off-brand skin care? No no or oh yeh!!? An experiment!

I'm trying to save money... it's the story of my of my life. ha! So I heard from a girlfriend that the store brand "regenerist" line is actually pretty good. I've read good things about the Olay Regenerist serum and cream so I thought I'd give it a go. My skin has been really dry... it's getting colder here already. I have to get a go on the dry skin battle now if I want to stand a chance in Jan/Feb.

I don't want to say I'm a skincare snob... but its hard not to think that you get what you pay for. Its hard not to assume that a more expensive product is better for you. And let me tell ya... I'd never have tried the off-brand if my girlfriend hadn't let me touch her face to feel how amazing her skin felt.

$13.27 at Walmart

I've only used them once so far... but the Equate (Walmart brand) regenerating serum and cream are both pretty amazing. The Equate regenerating perfecting cream was very thick and creamy... which is what I wanted to combat my dry skin. I use a retinoid at night so my skin often dries out. I'm using it at night... last night was night #1... this morning my face was so nice. It's crazy. I'm trying not to get all excited, but I'm hopeful.

$13.27 at Walmart
 I'm  using the serum during the day.  It made my skin feel instantly smoother. Silky even. It goes on super smooth and I think it even made my makeup easier to apply. A little goes a long ways, so be careful pumping it out. I think I got too much this morning, but I just wiped it on my neck... always good to do anyways.

$13.47 at Walmart
 I'm also trying out the CeraVe AM lotion with spf 30. I've been  using Cetaphil for a while. Their SPF lotions are thinner. This CeraVe lotion was actually pretty think and creamy. I was surprised! I loved it going on. No stinging, no tingling, just put it on and it absorbed pretty quickly.

It's clearly too early to tell if it's gonna cause a crazy breakout or cure wrinkles, but at first use I really like it. YAY for good advice from girlfriends!!! I'd never have tried it without her mentioning it...


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