Classic Shapes with Modern Touches

It's sorta Stepford wives, but its not and I love it. It's got the classic shape, but there is a touch of something sassy: leather. I love the idea of using very "preppy" pieces and adding elements of sass. It screams, "Dont mess with me. I look nice, but I can hold my own thank you very much!" hahah!

  • Blue Calvin Klein dress w/ leather accent = $42 TJ Maxx
  • Metal bow slide ons = $20 Ross

If I was really wanting to be sassy, I could have worn some leather cutout motorcycle gloves with lots of bangles and chunky earrings. My office is really conservative, so it was my little way to have fun. Plus, the dress has pockets... and that always means good things!



I love the dress! :)

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