Black AND Navy!!! It's not a no no;)

I'm not good at the alleged "no no's." Most of the time I stay away from brown/black and navy/black. I'm a chicken, but one dress changed my life.

  • dress = $69 TJ Maxx
  • Bow slingbacks = $70 Nordstrom

The dress is navy, the accents are black. It works. It more than works. I've tried it out in other ways putting stuff together myself and it seems to work well that way. Pick a color for the main show and make the alleged "no no" pair the accent. Works every time.

This particular dress, I love. It's got some sassy details. The tie up... corset style middle. The gold gromets. The puffy sleeves. It takes a simple shape and makes it special. What I love... the black center accent is slimming, as is the tie-up. Plus, there are pleats and pockets. The pleats hide any tummy in a cutsy way. The pockets... well I just love having pockets. =)


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