Eufora =) Silky Smooth Hair!

I don't put a lot of hope into expensive salon stuff... every now and then I'm surprised. For the money you spend... I almost always feel disappointed. This is one of those situations where I was pleasantly surprised.

I was in a experimental mode... asked my fabulous hair stylist and he gave me this to try.

Eufora... a Spa Treatment for Your Hair At-home!
So the packaging is a little do-it-yourself-ish... but don't be turned away by that. It looks like a sticker stuck on the container. I'm guessing the company doesn't spend a lot on the packaging. ha!

The shampoo got my hair squeaky clean... no real smell to it... but it seemed really clean. I like to use cheapy stuff and once a week use some more expensive stuff to get all the product out.... this seems to do the trick.

It's the conditioner I always really judge. I put it in... it's sort of watery... didn't use too much, just a light coating. You leave it in for a few minutes... and very quickly you feel it at work. It went from feeling like it was doing nothing to really excited about it. There seems to be some tea tree oil or something minty in it. It tingles and cools a bit on your head... which surprised me, but was also really pretty cool. By the time I shaved my legs and washed my face and finally washed it out... you could feel the silky smooth hair that was left behind. Awesome!

You can also leave the conditioner in for longer... 15 minutes with heat for a deep conditioning treatment. I'm excited to see what this does. The fact that it's so good as a daily gives me high hopes for it as deep conditioner.

The only downer... it's pricey. Like I said earlier... I only use the nice stuff once a week or so... but it'll set you back about $40. They aren't super big bottles... but if I had to choose I'd go with the conditioner as a splurge and spa treatment at home... and every now and then kinda thing. The tingle makes it worth it=)



We have some tea tree shampoo/conditioner that I love for the tinkly feeling =) This sounds decent; I'll have to see if my MIL can get some at a discount with aesthetician's license.

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