Sam's Club Perfume Deal... Plus, FREE Hair Stuff

FREEBIES!!! Yippie!
Get on Facebook... STAT! You can score a free full-sized bottle from the ! The first 200,000 get the deal... so get on it NOW!

Also... you can get another TWO FREE full-sized Suave Professional products if you go to their . You have to watch a couple videos and figure which person used Suave and which used expensive stuff... get four right and you win! 

(One little thing: when you finally win... you get a choice of prizes... make sure to click to see ALL the prizes they are offering you or you could end up with a $0.50/2 coupon... whomp whomp).

The site let's you track your right/wrong answers at the top... once you find the prize/product you want, "Claim Your Coupon." You will get both your full-sized product AND the $0.50/2 coupon mailed to ya!!!

So let's have a heart-to-heart. A tough truth to face... expensive shampoo isn't necessarily better. Some are more "organic" and smell nicer... but most are no better than Pantene despite what the marketing experts want you to believe. I once did a chemistry experiment taking a look at the chemical makeup... many are virtually the same. So... that said... give the Suave Professionals a shot... it's free. The company that owns Suave has a lot of money to do research... so their products are probably pretty decent. Shocker I know.

 Sam's Club for Perfume?
I needed to restock on my gummy vitamins today (yes, I eat gummies. I love them. They make me want to eat my vitamins... and sometimes I eat extras. ha!)... and pick up my contacts so I made a little pit stop into Sam's Club on my way to work today. To my surprise I discovered the perfume I wanted ON SALE!!! yes... I know... Who'd have thought?!

Funny enough, there was a bottle of the perfume in the normal display, right next to the sale one... the perfume was $52, but I got it out of the sale case for $29.99. It comes in a goofy package you have to cut off... but I save money. I can deal with having to use scissors=)

So you'll notice that I got Viva la Juicy. I recognize that this may be considered a teeny bopper's perfume. I enjoy smelling like a 12-year-old. I actually really like this smell for spring/summer. Don't make fun... it makes me smile in the morning.

Oh my attempt at staying young... Did I mention that I recently scheduled an appointment for the skin care center near me. If you have questions you're too chicken to ask... or just want to know... shoot them my way. I'm going in April and will make sure to ask!

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  1. I eat Flintstones gummy vitamins!!! :)



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