600 calories on a SALAD!?!? I should have gotten a cheeseburger!

I'm trying to eat "healthy." Don't worry... I don't have some warped idea that I need to lose a bunch of weight or anything.  I recognize that if I eat the things I love in moderation now... hopefully I will be able to continue to have them in my life in moderation for longer. Throw in my science knowledge... and my uber nerdness once again takes over.

Salad's are supposed to be healthy.
This is a big FAT lie!!! I went to McAlister's Saturday with one of my girlfriends. I ordered the Savannah Chopped Salad. I thought I was being all good. I don't even like salads... but as salads go it wasn't too bad. It had grilled chicken, cranberries little veggies and a vingarette dressing. healthy right? NO!

I just looked it up to log... and it's 610 calories AND 40g of fat! Seriously?! Who  makes a salad like that? A man... obviously. No women would ever put that many calories in a salad. Ever. A McD's cheeseburger only has 317 calories and 14.56g of fat. I'd have been better off and happier with McD's. Grrr.

At least all the unsweet tea I guzzled is still calorie free... but even now, days later I am still angry. McAlister's you tricked me!!! but never again!

Lesson Learned
The moral of this story... know what you're eating. Do some research. The best thing about logging my food is that I'm aware of what I'm actually putting in my mouth. After looking around... the next time I order a salad it will be a chef (no bacon and light dressing on the side)... that seems to be a safe salad to get.

Thank God for google. At least now you can google Restaurant "X" and nutritional values and find out what you just ate. Next time I'm going to google first.

I eat out a lot because of my constantly on-the-go life... I've discovered that even the seemingly healthy things aren't really when you eat out. At a lot of restaurants they put butter in your veggies... and on your bread... hidden little things that add up quick.

Counting Points
In case you're wondering... I actually log everything and count it all with . No... I don't go to meetings, but I do it online. I never feel deprived... I can have what I want within reason any day that I want it. It's a great tool to learn moderation and figure out what you're actually eating.

I feel better... I have more energy... and I never feel guilty about it at all. It's great. Tonight I still have enough points left for Girls' Scout cookies... Somoa's here I come=)

Everyone has to find their little thing that works... this keeps me straight and from overdoing it. I'm a distracted food person... my taste buds often dictate my actions. I don't like things that taste healthy... and this plan lets me eat things I like. It's also helped me find healthy versions of flavors I enjoy.

No more eating  lettuce. Lettuce is for rabbits. (still mad)


  1. New follower here! =) I'm loving your blog!


  2. Weight Watchers is really a great program to understand the NI of food and track it. I really love the new Points Plus program. It's helped me loose 10.8 lbs in 4 weeks.

    And yeah, boo to fatty salads!!

  3. OMG. McAlister's has the biggest drinks I have ever seen! Talk about too-big sizes right there!


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