Cooking Adventures: Mom's Top Secret Eggrolls

Everyone who knows my family decently well... knows my mom makes the world's best eggrolls. They are amazing. I can't eat eggrolls out because I've been spoiled my whole life... and the eggrolls just don't compare.

My mom makes them every year during the holidays... its a tradition. Except my mom has decided she doesn't want to do it anymore... so I had to learn. I needed eggrolls! Me and the man were playing host to a bunch of people... so it proved a good opportunity to make something... I decided I'd give it a try.

Cooking Is Hard For Me...
I'm not a great cook. I've just started really trying in the last couple of years... finally not seeing it as slave labor and more as fun entertaining. My mom is an amazing cook... after some time on my own... and being far from home... I wanted those familiar foods. I was tired of eating crap. Plus,  I'm getting old... I find pride in being able to make something people like to eat.

My mom gave me the quick and easy version of the family recipe. Point is... she would normally use the food processor to shred the cabbage and carrots. She dumbed it down for me... telling me to just buy the cole slaw mix because the less work I have to do... the more likely I'll do it. eeek. I get impatient and frustrated easily in the kitchen.

It's pretty easy... up until you actually have to roll the eggrolls. Rolling them is a tedious... obnoxious process... which made me understand why my mom hates making them. I didn't even eat them... I was so over them by the time I was done. It's not hard... just a pain in the behind.

Disclaimer: I am sharing the basic recipe MINUS the top secret ingredient. I think they will still taste good minus the top secret ingredient... they just won't be as good as mine ;)

  • bag of cole slaw mix
  • celery
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • egg
  • eggroll wrappers
  • 3 or 4 green onions
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • garlic powder
  • black pepper
  • salt

Part 1: Making the mix
  1. Season the ground beef with garlic powder, black pepper and salt... brown meat.
  2. Slice about 5 stalks of celery really thinly.
  3. Throw cole slaw mix and celery in the pan with the meat once it is browned... season some more. Cook until the cabbage is almost done. Saggy cabbage = gross. The frying process will finish off the cooking.
  4. Add the green onions.
  5. Add the sesame oil and mix.
  6. Let the mix cool off.

Part 2: No pain no gain... this part stinks.
  1. Put the mix in a mesh laundry bag. Push the mix into a corner and basically wring the bag so that all the water in the mix comes out. This takes a little elbow work.
  2. Prep your egg wash. Crack raw egg in a bowl and mix... just like you would for scramble eggs.
  3. Put a heaping tablespoon of mix into the center of the eggroll wrapper. You want it to look like a diamond in front of you. Take the top corner and pull it down over the mix and tuck it under. Put egg wash on the edge of the two remaining sides. Then fold the right and left corners in. Seal it all with egg wash. and roll it up. Seal more with egg wash. Do this as many times as you can stand it. It's terrible... so if you need to take a break... take a break.
  4. Put the eggrolls into warm vegetable oil to fry. You want to put them in... the side with the most folding showing on the bottom... so you seal it and it doesn't open up in the oil. Once it looks like it's a light tan... flip.
  5. Cool off on a paper towel covered tray.

I realize this may seem a little complicated... the folding and all... so I'm going to make a video of it all next week when I'm at work and have a camera handy. I'll post it to youtube and eventually put up a link here. If you have questions... feel free to ask. They're amazing... so ENJOY!!!

Outfit of the Day: Pulled out of bed

Woke up not feeling my best. It was one of those days where you don't want the fabric of your clothes to really touch you too much... everything felt tight. So that meant it was a dress day... throw on some leggings, some boots and we'll call it an outfit. ha!


  • Burgandy no label Dress = $30 random little store
  • Leggings = $10 from
  • Kristin Davis Suede Boots = $80 last year post Christmas clearance sale at
What I love about this dress is the detail on the shoulder/arm! I think it makes it interesting. The boots add texture. I went with a lighter brown legging to add some contrast.

I Need A Little Spicing Up
I think jewelry is what can make an okay outfit... really awesome and fun. I think this dress needs something to make it spicy...  fun jewelry to make the outfit interesting. Small problem. I forgot my entire jewelry bag (I'm still on vacay)... I have nothing fun with me =( but I found some cute options to put with it.



Read My Lips

Winter time is ohhh so rough on the smoocher. My grownup job is in a cold weather location... the wind, the crazy arctic cold = disaster for my mouth. (Plus, I keep getting put on snow patrol for work... grrr. That is def not helping!) Hence why I'm obsessed with lip balm. A recent trip to Wal-mart helped me discover a new favorite:

The old school Carmex in the pot is a long-time fav, but it's a real pain in my bee-donka-donk. I had really bad chapped lips and nothing seemed to be helping... and I thought I'd give this new Carmex a try. The coolest thing about it... it comes in clear and tinted!!! There are two shades right now... and because I'm super resourceful (and working on budget) I found us all a =) Now the coupon is only for the tinted one... but it's a dollar off... you can thank me later ;)

Damage = $2 ... only $1 with the coupon
Reward = smooth and soft smacker!
Good Purchase? I love it! It's cheap... it doesn't smell too medicine like and it definitely does the trick to protect and repair your lips!

Outfit of the Day: My version of sweatpants

I'm on vacation technically, so the goal of today's outfit is comfort. These days the most comfortable go-to pieces in my closest are leggings and a long shirt. In my mind its like wearing socially acceptable sweatpants... you get to be oh so comfy without offending people's sense of appropriate (it is not acceptable to wear sweat pants that have elastic around the ankle EVER). Point being that you can be cute without having to be dolled up!

I used to be too chicken to wear leggings and a shirt, but have since discovered that as long as it's loose... it doesn't matter. My favorite way to wear leggings right now is with a shawl cardigan type thing. I love all black because I just do... but you need a pop of excitement... so I put on a bright green scarf... you could do a big, long knotted necklace and a broach if that suits you better.

  • Design History cardigan = $20 from
  • Tank = really old... def had to be under $10 because I refuse to spend more than that on a tank
  • Leggings = $20 these are so stretchy and helpful. I love.
  • Over-the-knee Boots from = $100 found these in a recent "haul" in the clearance section.
  • Green Scarf = $10 from on clearance last year 

so Eva... why are you standing in the woods? I'm home in SC and I was helping my man move his sailboat.... and by helping I mean getting sodas from the convienence store and sitting in the warm car ;) I did move the car for him... hehe!

Tonight I tackle cooking my mom's world famous eggrolls for the very first time all alone. If it is successful I will share... if it is not... we will all laugh. Yeah for vacay!


    Free Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit... OMG!

    okay... so it's not necessarily on the "I want to look like a model" diet... but it is free... and who cares?! What does this have to do with your blog, Eva? Hello... it's one of the amazing things every young professional just starting out must take advantage of: free food!!! Plus, it's Chick-fil-A. hahaha=)

    Here's the deal if you're wanting some free grub... and sign up for a free chicken biscuit near you.  You have to make a reservation. There are only so many slots... and its over a few days depending on where you are. This is a must do... and since you probably blew a bunch of money over the holidays and are now on a strict budget... this is one meal you won't have to worry about paying for! whoop whoop!!!

    I'm signed up for Monday morning... I wanna get my hands on this on the first day. I love a chicken biscuit. I'm from  South Carolina... I can't help it. Toss in a sweet tea and I'm in heaven!!!


    Shoes Love You Back...

    I try not to go shopping unless I'm planning on walking in and out because it's dangerous to my bank account. I'm in saving mode. I'm trying really really hard to save money. Unfortunately, one weekend I was bored. I have a near my house... and I decided I would allow myself to go "visit" as long as I only walked the sale aisles.

    I stumbled upon the most beautiful Luxe shoes. They are not shoes you can wear every week. They are an unusual color... a dark/grey green satin with a pretty rosette of rhinestones at the peep toe. They are definitely not practical, but they are those special kind of shoes that make you smile. I found them. I tried them on. They were clearly meant to be cute and not comfortable. They were also on sale.

    I did all I could to talk myself out of them. I told myself they were novelty shoes that I would probably only wear once or twice a year if I was lucky. I reminded myself that I have shoes I have never worn because they didn't go with much.

    My good friend Olivia thought they were a must purchase. I texted my boyfriend a picture and even he said to buy them. Everyone around me told me I had to get them. People were looking at them... wanting them. I didn't want to put them down, but I wasn't sure... so I put them on hold and went to dinner.

    Yes... I bought them. I told myself that at the very least I would wear them with skinny jeans and a black shirt at least once a month... once it was warm enough to show my toes. ha! The best part... they add points to my DSW rewards program... meaning another big discount is coming sometime soon in the form of a coupon in the mail!!!

    Damage=about $40
    Reward=me dancing around my house in them... and at my good friend's house when I showed her I caved in! ha!!!
    Good purchase? Absolutely. Shoes love you back=) Vlog to come showing you all the ways I came up with to wear them!

    Options of things I think I can wear with the green shoes... on top of the skinny jeans with black shirt or tunic silver top... some cheapies I can buy with no guilt!


    My First Post

    Hi! This is my first post of my new adventure!!! I'm going to blog about everything I find and learn to be a cute, young professional. My idea came from the fact that many of us young professionals start off making no money, but still want to be fashionable and have fun with our friends. The problem is that being young and professional often leaves people wearing ugly suits that not even their grandmas should wear. I'm showing you how I do it... and hopefully it will help! I'll show you my steals and splurges... and what I think is worth spending money on and what isn't. I have chosen five labels: clothes, shoes, beauty, entertaining and home. Everything I blog will fit into those categories. Hope you enjoy it!!!

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