Friday Confessional!!!

I've been a bad blogger... but I got a good confessions from my coworkers... and I needed to share! It's Friday isn't it?!

Coworker (who's name is being withheld to protect his identity) confesses that HE loves this song!

So mind you... the coworker that sent this is a guy. Not a girly guy either. I have to admit that I love LOVE LOVE this song too. I get excited when it comes on. I made my desk neighbors listen to this twice when it came in my email... don't judge.

Everyone has a song like this that they love...

K-Ho... a desk neighbor told me today that she hides cards from people in random places so she is randomly surprised later to re-find them. Spreading the love... it's like regifting but just to yourself=)

so my turn... I confess...
  • My bedroom floor is covered with dog hair. I need to vaccum it up, but just haven't had time this week. Gross, I know.
  • I get hungry late at night and buy food on Amazon.com ... haha. I've got a box of LaraBars on the way right now=)
  • I ate my gel nails. Yep. They are supposed to last 2 weeks... I ate them off this week... just 4 days into the mani. Bad Eva. Usually they are hard enough I can't eat them... this time I tried a new place, not so much.
Hope you're amused... I'm still singing... Call me maybe?! haha!!!


Hunter Goes To Prom!!! An Update.

Remember Hunter? The guy who didn't know how to ask his girl to the prom... Check out the old post if you need a refresher.

Well he went to prom with Hannah!!! YAY for him. She looks beautiful! Look how cute they are.


Will You Go To Prom?! Askin' is Tough!!!

I got this Facebook message from a high school student... trying to come up with something good to do to ask a girl to prom:

"My name is Hunter Anderson, and I am an 18-year-old senior at Westfield Washington High School. Our prom is coming up, and I've been dreading the date. Not for any typical reason, like I'm nervous, or I can't find a date. Just the opposite actually. I have the perfect date, and that's why I can't ask her. This girl is right in just every way, and she deserves so much more than I could ever give her. She's not expecting much, because she's down-to-earth, but that's just why I have to blow this invitation out of the water. You see, I haven't asked her to prom yet, because I can't. I can't find a way to do it, because, like I said, there's nothing that I can do to express to her just how much I care, just how much she means to me. 

I'm asking for your help. I'm asking you for your help to make this a public spectacle, one that she'll never be able to forget. One that she'll tell her friends about, her children, and her grandchildren. Something so memorable that I will hold a place in her heart forever.

Do you think you could help me?"

He sent me a link to one of the things his friends had done to ask a girl. This is Alex's special prom proposal for his really good friend Katie.

Turns out all of  his friends are pretty creative. After Alex his friend Chris asked his girl on the jumbotron on the opening day of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then his buddy Mason made a cool treasure hunt to ask a girl. It's crazy.

I remember going to prom.  My senior year, my date held up a sign in my calculus class window asking me to prom and I thought that was a super cool thing (YAY Stephen!) haha. Clearly things have changed.

I've since heard that guys are feeling pressure to come up with awesome ways to ask a girl to prom. Since this story aired, we've heard crazy stories that high school students have come up with to make the invite special. Share yours below if you've got a good one!!!

So... all that said. We decided to help. We met up with Hunter and his friends yesterday to talk about the "pressure" to come up with a good "prom ask." That was supposed to be our "story." At the very end... Hunter finally asked his girl... finally because there are only 2 weeks to prom!

She said yes!!! Her sister rolled on the whole thing for us... here is her reaction!

It was an all around cool story. It's crazy how guys are having to really step up with something creative... and really cool.


Food: I Have Become One of Those Crazy People

I never thought this would ever happen to me. I used to laugh at the people who did this, but now here I am. I'm one of the crazy people. 

I've had some digestive issues for a while now and nothing really helped. Literally every day my stomach would swell up... like visibly. It was crazy and awkward. So... as a last attempt at feeling better it was suggested to me to totally overhaul/clean up my diet. All natural foods. No processed stuff. No bread/glutens. We could add stuff back slowly and see what the problem maker was.

If you know me... you know this... I love McDonald's. I eat lots of fast food. I love chicken fingers and diet coke. My fav: the two cheeseburger meal=) ahhh.
When I first started this... I was like: OMG... natural!!!? This is going to stink! Well now... I've been eating a totally cleaned up diet now for a month and wowsers... I feel amazing!

Crazy Talk
It took me 10 minutes to order a smoothie at a "natural" food store the other night. My photographer thought I was nuts. Maybe I am... a little... but I feel amazing.

I called my high school gal pal because I randomly remembered that she too is a crazy person... and . and I have tips and info from her to share=) You can check out her She has recipes and waaay more info there than I can every give ya!

You can laugh if you want... it hasn't been that hard to do... and the results speak for themselves. I don't care what you think. I've been you before... haha.

Tips from Faith=) to a Healthier Diet
You don't need to spend a fortune and go all crazy... but there are some easy things you can and SHOULD do to help yourself.

1. Change your meats - It sounds a bit extreme but ya wanna go grass fed/grass finished for beef and free range for chickens. If you've noticed... the FDA actually asked farms to stop giving animals antibiotics and hormones with a vets prescription... but it's voluntary. They are seeing information that the animals meds are making us resistant to our meds. boo.

2. Say no to white/fake sugars and fake fats
  • Sugars: If you haven't seen the recent on sugar... you should. I've done a lap around the grocery store and sugar really is in EVERYTHING. It's crazy.  Faith's advice: sweeten with legit maple syrup and local honey. If you're diabetic... try Stevia and Xylitol... it's not perfect but apparently better. And the real butt kicker... Faith told me sugar helps cause wrinkles... omg. this is reason enough to stop, right?! ahaha.

  • Fats: Don't do the fake stuff. Faith posted the above picture the other day.... notice the ants don't want the margarine (dark yellow)... they don't recognize it as food. They go for the butter. I'm a big fan of science and progress... but not at the risk of my body. I won't go into my spill on hydrogenation... but I can't help bu think the natural stuff is easier for my body to break down and get rid of.
 3. Eat lots of fruits/veggies... and go organic when needed, but not always.
  • What should you buy organic? and is it expensive?! Faith's advice... ya can get away with buying only the worst chemical offenders. It's not likely you're going to buy all 12 of the worst offenders list. (below).. and you can probably get a bunch of stuff off the clean list too.
  • The Environmental Working Group (EWG) put out a list of the fruits/veggies with the most pesticides on them. They actually go into grocery stores and buy stuff... which they then test. The full is on their , but here are the top 12.
Dirty Dozen
 Nectarines (imported)
 Sweet Bell Peppers
Blueberries (domestic)
Kale/Collard Greens

Fruits/veggies that you don't need to worry about getting organic. Check it out.

Clean 15
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas
Cantaloupe (Domestic)
Sweet Potatoes

No Chance I Can Do That!!!
I didn't think I could. I work a job that has me not sure where I will be for dinner most days. I've had to think more... plan... and most importantly find good snacks that I can have that are no brainers. I pack bags of nuts and easy to carry fruit every day now. I fix my lunch if I can... but have been able to find a few restaurants that are easy for me to order at. 

The trick is finding the flavors I like and ways to get them without all the processed bad stuff. I'ts been fun. Go plain. Go natural. Go do something good for yourself.


Pacers... Oh Yeah!!!

yep. this happened... what a game!!! Goooo Pacers!

My love affair with the Pacers continues. I love the games... but the whole winning thing is really really awesome. It's cool to see them play well together... to see players stepping up and having a phenomenal game... and then beat a team that most would never have thought they could. That's Indiana basketball right?! It was really a great win...especially after what happened the last time Miami came to town.

Now... let's talk about these uniforms Miami was wearing... 

First off... it was throwback night. Both teams were wearing retro uniforms... but Miami... really? that one? So I did a little research. The uniforms were 1970-71 Miami Floridians (that is old school ABA stuff). I would hope there were better throw back uniforms to choose... but I guess not. They were tropical colors which is soooo south Florida. I just was confused the whole game by the pink and orange. I'm can only imagine the players are gonna be glad when the throw back nights for these uniforms are over and they don't have to wear those things again.

***DISCLAIMER: I am one of the game emcees for the Pacers. My allegiance lies with Indiana.


Confessions! Confessions!

I don't have a lot this week...but still...

I confess...
  • I've been sneaking hard candy this week. Just a few discs at night. tsk.
  • I gave up soda... and have now picked up coffee. Officially addicted. Bad.
  • I've been eating Cutie Clementines... nonstop. My photographer says he eats carrots to keep himself from smoking... so I started trying clementines instead of candy. It works. Except I at 10 before bed 2 nights in a row. Is that too many?
  • I am currently wearing an Ohio State snuggie... it's cold and I didn't want to run outside in the rain to get the blanket I keep in my car. Shame...

On A Positive Note... 
I have been working out like a crazy woman! I am eating very healthy... so ya know what! I count the week as a win! Gave myself a treat today... =) I like treats.


Gal Pals Fitness Challenge: Thursday; CrossFit Kicks My Butt

OMG. I'm tired, but I'm not. Pulled a double today. Honest moment: I wanted to call my gals and say ehhhh I'm too exhausted to do a second workout this morning, but I was the one that talked them into this so I feel obligated to go. I'm glad I did.

Do the workout 3 times!!!
Run after if you're a hot shot... I am not. ha!

I swear the workouts are getting easier... either that or I'm getting stronger. The gals agree... we've been picking up the speed on the rounds and doing shorter rests between. We did lay around and do a lot of "stretching" after though... gotta love good friends;)

CrossFit Reminds Makes Me Happy
Workout #1 was at 9am. CrossFit!!! It's early, but it is sooo worth it! My friends are tired of hearing about how much I love CrossFit. love Love LOVE!!!

Today's workout was an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) thrusters and pullups. You start with 3 of each and go up by intervals of 3... so 3, 6, 9, 12, 15... do it for 7 minutes. It sucked... but felt good.

What a normal workout looks like... goes up on the white board. This one was really not bad at all. Most are much worse.
I like it because I'm seeing a difference after only 2 weeks. I'm midway through week 3 now. It feels much more like you're on a sports team than it does like a workout. Some of the nicest ladies workout at our "box"... that's what they call a CrossFit gym. It makes it better... it's encouraging... and inspiring. It's hard... but it's doable and its over after an hour.

So what is it? It's a combination of weight lifting and calisthenics/plyometrics. Lots of squats and push ups and pull ups on either gymnastics rings or a bar. We also have done tricep dips on the rings (way too hard for me right now) or with the gymnastics parallel bars. There are spurts of running (up to a mile total in some workouts so far).

What I've Learned
I hate burpees. I hate Turkish get ups. I hate deadlifts. But I love CrossFit. I love how much better I feel... and that is what has spurred the search for other at-home workouts that are kinda similar.

I need gloves. My hands look like man hands... not cute. I've been digging around for old gymnastics gear for my hands, but apparently I don't pack well. Goodness knows when I packed it and where I put it!

I can't wait to see what happens in a month.

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